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Chicken Use And Hot-galvanized Chicken Cage

Chicken Use And Hot-galvanized Chicken Cage

Our company takes “focus,intention,service” as its core value,and hopes to provide quality service through professional level and unremitting efforts.Over the years,SHANDONG HUIMIN QINLE HUSBANDRY MACHINERY CO.,LTD has been adhering to the core of user needs,while focusing on the trade/import and export industry,providing quality,dedicated service has won the trust and praise of many customers.
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1. Product introduction

Cage raising effectively increase meat ratio by more than 25%,saves feeding space,increase space utilization rate by 1-1.5 times;reduces dosage by 50%-70%;raises energy saving by 50%-70%;saves feeding time by more than 1 time;effectively improves survival rate up to 99.5%.

The company’s cages are made of high quality steel,with perfect welding process,thick galvanized layer,sturdy and durable,no running chicken,no deformation,no sagging.The normal service time is more than 10 years.


2. Product specification



cell size(mm)

unit size(mm)







3. Product feature and application

Our broiler chicken cage is very usable for raising chickens.The living space of the chickens is very big and have a longer lifespan depending on the galvanized process.This cage is suitable for brooding of various chickens such as laying hens,broilers and pheasants.The chicken cage door is designed to be easy to catch chickens.The chicken cages are encrypted on both sides and do not run chickens.

4. Production details

1) Cage produced by our company adopt hot-galvanizing process ensure a longer lifespan.


2) Automatic water line includes PVC water pipe and high quality nipples


3) The thickness of the manure cleaning belt is 1.2mm,the best manure cleaning belt which is famous in the chicken field.


5. Deliver,shipping and serving

1) Deliver time:20-45days or depending on your quantity

2) Port:Qingdao or your appointed port

3) Serving:Our products has been exported to Algeria,Zambia,Pakistan,India,Libya,Kuwait,Vietnam and so on.All the staff of our company wholeheartedly welcome the aquaculture enterprises and people from all walks of life to come to visit and guide.We are committed to building a practical,efficient,intensive,high-standard product quality for our customers and excellent after-sales service to build a successful path for you.Get rich bridge,sincerely go hand in hand with all walks of life,seek common development,create brilliant.Our company not only provides professional services,but also establishes a comprehensive after-sales service system to provide guidance and assistance for problems and difficulties encountered in the middle.We believe that through our continuous efforts and pursuit,we will be able to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

6. FAQ

Q:Our climate is rather cold and dry. What problems should we pay attention to in building chicken houses?

A:We have a professional chicken house designer who will give you some good suggestions and opinions according to your local climate and temperature.

Q:Are you a direct manufacturer or a trading company?

A:We are a machinery manufacturer with our own production technology patents and workshop.We have been producing machinery accessories since 1969 and cages since 1985. We are an experienced manufacturer.

Q: We are farmers from Southeast Asia and Cambodia. We plan to visit your company in the near future. When is the most suitable time?

A:Before you come to our company, let us know in advance that we will do a good job of reception.


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