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  • 50000 Chickens Layer Chicken Cage

    Cascade laying hen cage mode has the advantages of improving housing and land use efficiency, reducing feeding costs and effectively improving labor productivity. Combined with the development and utilization of full-time closed-loop control mode, an intensive and...
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  • Suitable Size Layer Chicken Cage

    SHANDONG HUIMIN QINLE animal husbandry machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional production and processing company of chicken cage, automatic chicken raising equipment, steel, motor and other products. It has a complete and scientific quality management system. The integrity,...
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  • Special Egg Cage For Farms

    Our company constantly updates equipment, improves technology and strengthens R&D capability, which will promote the development of enterprises in the direction of scale,and automation.
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  • Four Doors Layer Chicken Cage

    Our company is devoted to the research of egg cage and its supporting dung equipment, egg picking equipment, feeding equipment and environmental control equipment.
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  • Four Layer Staged Egg Cage

    We have been working hard for years to produce good quality cages.Our company has been working hard to provide our customers with the best equipment and best service. 1.Product introduction Our QINLE steel products are made of Q235A high wire rod, which costs 5,000-7,000 yuan...
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  • Hot-dip Galvanized 235g Egg Cage

    Our company's chicken-raising equipment has a long service life. It is equipped with automatic dung-cleaning equipment, automatic egg-picking equipment, automatic feeding equipment and automatic temperature control equipment.
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  • High-end Layer Poultry Egg Cage

    We are a company with many years of experience in egg coop production.The quality of our products is international standard.
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  • Four Layer Hot-dip Galvanized Egg Cage

    The equipment is full of hot-dip galvanizing process and corrosion resistance, with a service life of up to 20 years. The equipment is highly automated, and can be used in conjunction with egg collecting system, cleaning system and traveling feeding system. Reasonable...
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  • Africa A Type Layer Chicken Cage

    Shandong Huimin QINLE animal husbandry machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in producing automatic chicken raising equipment: egg cages, chicken cage, cock cage, brooding cage, chicken cage, automatic feeding equipment, automatic drinking water equipment, automatic egg picking...
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  • QINLE Battery Layer Chicken Cage

    Shandong Huimin Poultry Le Animal Husbandry Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Shandong Huimin Poultry Le Animal Husbandry Machinery Factory) is a registered legal person enterprise with long-term experience in mechanical processing manufacturing and animal husbandry machinery...
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  • QINLE Layer Chicken Battery Cage In Africa

    Our company named SHANDONG HUIMIN QINLE HUABANRY MACHINERY CO.,LTD,we have large mesh production workshop,small mesh production workshop,electric galvanizing workshop and hot galvanizing workshop,and so on.We design and produced the poultry cage,we exported the cages to many...
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  • Laying Hens Breeding Poultry Farming Equipment

    Our company keeps pace with the development of the times and continuously improves the production technology of hen cages. Our production standards are in line with the world's highest standards.
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We're professional egg cage manufacturers and suppliers in China for over 20 years, specialized in providing high quality livestock machine. We warmly welcome you to wholesale bulk egg cage at competitive price from our factory.
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