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Africa A Type Layer Chicken Cage

Africa A Type Layer Chicken Cage

Shandong Huimin QINLE animal husbandry machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in producing automatic chicken raising equipment: egg cages, chicken cage, cock cage, brooding cage, chicken cage, automatic feeding equipment, automatic drinking water equipment, automatic egg picking equipment, automatic cleaning equipment, ventilation and cooling equipment, spray disinfection equipment, environmental control equipment and so on. Let's help you design the chicken house.
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1. Product introduction

Based on the importance of developing healthy culture and defining its basic concept, the text described current status of healthy breeding hens in cage system at home and abroad from six aspects. 


2. Product specification


tiers and doors

cell size (mm)

unit size(mm)

Birds Qty











3. Product feature and application

The chicken cage with national standard material is flexible, not deformed, and does not sag for life. With perfect double galvanizing, the cage will not be embroidered for several years, and its service life can be more than 12 years. Scientific cage design can effectively reduce the fatigue of chicken in cage and improve the laying rate. The reasonable space layout makes the accidental death rate of chicken in cages 0, and the egg breakage rate is 0.


4. Production details

1) White PVC plastic steel trough new PVC material, compression, heat resistance, no deformation, should not be broken. The service life is 10 years.


2) Ordinary angle iron bracket: 3*3mm


3) Ball valve type automatic drinking water equipment: 360 degree omni-directional rotation design with large flow and sufficient water volume. No water is leaking. It is easy to meet the drinking needs of chickens. Imported stainless steel ball. The service life is 14 years. There is damage or leakage in 3 years, free replacement. (except for man-made damage)


4) Closed-type pressure regulator: fully closed design, pressure regulation and filtration in one, can adjust any length of chicken house water pressure


5. Deliver,Shipping and Serving

1) Deliver time:20-45days

2) Port:Qingdao

3) Serving:We have professional designers who can design different chicken houses according to your environment.We can also provide equipment installation service and after sale service for you.

6. FAQ

Q:What's the life span of your chicken cages?


Q: Which one is suitable to my chicken house?
A: We will offer you best recommendations according to different market and different chicken farm measurement and different weather condition. Our poultry farm 20 years experience give you first class advice to help you have a good chicken farm
Q: Do you have other poultry equipment?
A: We have feed silo, temperature controller, medicine adding machine,egg collecting machine and so on.

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