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Layer Chicken Cage

SHANDONG Layer Chicken Cage

SHANDONG Layer Chicken Cage

Our company is the earliest manufacturer specialized in producing animal husbandry equipment on a large scale. We produce feeder, egg picker, dung machine and other automated chicken raising equipment, price concessions, quality assurance, the trust and praise of living customers. In order to better feedback customers, our company has made improvements on automatic feeder and automatic dung cleaner. The improved products, both operational and operational performance, have been improved.
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1. Product introduction

The whole egg cage includes hot galvanized cage, white PVC pipe, nipple and white plastic steel trough. It can be equipped with automatic fecal cleaning equipment, automatic feeding equipment and automatic egg picking equipment.


2. Product specification


tiers and doors

cell size (mm)

unit size(mm)

Birds Qty











3. Product feature and application

1) to save space and increase the feeding density, the cage density of encrypted and coarsened broilers is more than three times higher than that of flat broilers.

2)Save feed for breeding. Cage chickens can save a lot of feedstuff. When chickens are raised in cages, they can exercise less, consume less energy and waste less material. Hebi chicken groove accessories manufacturers found that cage breeding can effectively save more than 25% of the cost of breeding.

3)the encrypted and thick broiler cage is firm and durable. The complete set of cage broiler equipment uses hot dipping zinc technology, which is corrosion-resistant and aging-resistant. Its service life can be up to 15-20 years.

4)High degree of automation. Automatic feeding, drinking water, excrement, wet curtain cooling, centralized management, automatic control, energy saving, improve labor productivity, reduce the cost of artificial feeding, greatly improve the breeding efficiency of farmers.

5)Chicken flocks have good epidemic prevention and effective prevention of infectious diseases. Dajia Fully Automated Layer Cage Manufacturer points out that caged chickens can grow healthier without touching excrement, providing a clean and comfortable environment for chickens to grow, and meat production time is greatly advanced.

4.Production details

1)cage adopt hot galvanized process ensure the longer lifetime than the traditional process and the material from Q195 to Q235.Q235 has better elasticity and rigidity, which can create a better living environment for chickens.


2)The chicken automatic water drinker has 304 stainless steel balls, which can effectively control the effluent and realize 360 degree drinking water. This breakthrough solves the problem that chickens can not use the chicken water dispenser. The clamping pipe is made of PP material, the machine core is made of ADS material, the needle and the built-in device are made of the best 304 stainless steel material, the net weight of a single product is 9g, which can be used with the suspension cup. It can save water more and prevent the dripping water from dampening the chicken house. Time-saving, labor-saving, health, and the choice of APS engineering materials. Easy installation, disassemble and cleaning, free of glue bonding costs, stainless steel plastic wear resistance.


3)Egg picking belt, also known as polypropylene conveyor belt and egg collecting belt, is a special quality conveyor belt. Egg pick-up strap can reduce the breakage rate of eggs in transportation, and play a role in cleaning eggs in transportation. Polypropylene yarn has strong resistance to bacteria and fungi, as well as acid and alkali. This is a special quality conveyor belt, which is not conducive to the growth of Salmonella.Polypropylene is neither absorbent nor temperature-sensitive, so it can be adapted to any climate change. One of the characteristics of polypropylene conveyor belt is that it can be washed directly in cold water.We treated polypropylene yarn with ultraviolet rays and anti-static treatment, so it is not easy to absorb dust.


5.Deliver,shipping and serving

1)deliver time:20-45 days

2)port:Qingdao or your like port

3)serving:Our company has many years of international and domestic marketing experience and knowledge, has a professional product development and design team, products are constantly updated and improved, and strive to provide customers with better products and services.After the equipment leaves the port, we will arrange personnel to go to you for installation guidance and equipment debugging to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. They will provide you with two days of equipment training to ensure that you can use the equipment properly.If there are any problems in the use of the equipment, please contact our customer service personnel.


Q:Can you provide us with the drawing of the chicken house?

A:Please tell us the sizes around the chicken farm. Our designer will scientifically plan the layout and size of each chicken house for you. We will send you the drawings by mail as soon as possible.

Q:Can you change the size of your cage?

A:We have 5 kinds A type layer chicken cage and 2 kinds H type layer chicken cages,and they are all of the newest cages.If you have better choice,please let me known.we will discuss the special size.

Q:Can we visit your workshop and company?

A:Welcome to China to visit our company and processing workshop.If you have any problems with equipment, you can consult our production technicians.

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