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Layer Chicken Cages

Three Tiers 120 Layer Chickens Cage

Three Tiers 120 Layer Chickens Cage

According to the inclination of the cage designed for laying hens, the rate of broken eggs is lowest. Galvanizing makes cage net more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and increases the service life of cage. It can be equipped with automatic egg picker, feeder and dung cleaner, which effectively reduces manpower and increases work efficiency.
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1. Product introduction

Stepped eggshell cages are of various sizes and customers have more choices.Hot-dip galvanizing process ensures longer service life of cages.Hot-dip galvanizing treatment of cage frame with 3*3 angle steel after welding ensures that the equipment is more solid.


2. Product specification


tiers and doors

cell size (mm)

unit size(mm)

Birds Qty











3. Product feature and application

1)Galvanized surface treatment, zinc thickness 330-380 microns, corrosion resistance, rust-free. It has been used for more than 20 years.

2)Automatic welding and bending production, all processes are strictly in accordance with technical parameters to make it durable, no installation problems.

3)The lateral push-pull door and the edge of deep feed groove are used to effectively control the feed loss.

4)It is easy to control worms, such as coccidiosis and helminthiasis.

5)The bottom slope is 6 degrees, which can ensure the smooth sliding of eggs, and the rate of broken eggs is zero. At the same time, the chickens standing on this slope will not feel tired, thus indirectly improving the egg production rate.

4.Production details

1)The gradient of our cage egg net is designed to be between 6 and 9 degrees. Within a reasonable range of standards, the breakage rate of eggs is reduced.


2)Pressure relief valves are used in front-end water supply system to control the drinking water pressure of chickens within a reasonable range.


3)The layer chicken cage can be equips with manure cleaning system.Manure cleaning system can choose hot galvanized scraper or high quality manure cleaning belt.


5.Deliver,shipping and serving

1)deliver time:20-45 days

2)port:Qingdao or your want port



Q:We need 10,000 laying hens. Can you give us a detailed quotation for the equipment?

A:You need to tell us the way to clear the feces. We'll make a detailed quotation for you.

Q:We have some questions about your quotation. Can you answer them for us?

A:We have received your email and will reply to your questions as soon as possible.

Q:We plan to make a visit to your company. When is the most suitable time?

A:We welcome you to visit our production base.Tell me the right time.

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