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  • Comfortable Layer Chicken Equipment

    We have 30 years experience in egg cage processing. With the development of the breeding industry, equipment design and technology are constantly updated to adapt to the development of the times.
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  • Equipped With Equipment For Laying Hens

    Our company has been producing egg cages since 1985. For 30 years, we have been updating the size of egg cages to provide customers with the best quality and intimate products.
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  • The New Type Layer Chicken Equipment

    China is the top egg producer in the egg list. Industrialization and planned production of laying hens have been greatly developed, but there is still a long way to go compared with advanced chicken production enterprises abroad. Layer production level is relatively low,...
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  • H Type Layer Chicken Equipment In India

    Since 1985, we have been producing egg cages, and the size of cages has been changing with the progress of the times, adapting to the development of egg farming in the new era. The cages are galvanized to ensure long service life.
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  • Ladder Type Layer Chicken Equipment

    With the development of laying hen industry, laying hens have changed from horizontal farming mode to cage farming mode, which saves land area, increases the number of farming and saves a lot of labor.
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  • India Farm Layer Chicken Equiment

    Our company has been committed to the design, processing and installation of egg cages, cages have been constantly updated to meet the needs of modern chicken farming.
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  • Layer Chicken Equipment In West Asia

    Our company is the earliest manufacturer of egg cage in Shandong Province. We are a manufacturer of animal husbandry machinery and equipment which integrates technology research, development, production, installation and after-sale.Our company produce A type layer chicken...
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  • Automatic Layer Chicken Equipment For Sri Lanka

    Our company has more than 20 years experience in egg cage production and manufacturing. We strive to provide our customers with the best products and services in terms of material, design, process and service. According to the different needs of different customers, we have...
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  • Layer Poultry Equipment In South Africa

    Our company not only has egg cage production workshop, but also has egg collector, dung machine, feeder production workshop, hot galvanizing workshop, cold galvanizing workshop, to provide satisfactory equipment for different customers.
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  • 4 Tiers Layer Chicken Equipment In Philippines

    With the development of laying hen industry, our company's laying hen farming equipment constantly updates its products to provide customers with more labor-saving products.
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  • 9A-4160 Laying Chicken Equipemnt

    SHANDONG HUIMIN QINLE HUABANDRY MACHINERY CO.,LTD is the one of large company in SHANDONG.we constantly updated the cage according to the requirement of our customers.our equipment is the first class in the chicken area.
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  • Chicken Cage With Automatic Feeder

    Our company produce A type layer chicken cage,H type layer chicken cage,broiler chicken cage,breeding cage, feeding machines,manure cleaning machines.We have one layer chicken base and can provide raising experiences for you.
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We're professional laying hens equipment manufacturers and suppliers in China for over 20 years, specialized in providing high quality livestock machine. We warmly welcome you to wholesale bulk laying hens equipment at competitive price from our factory.
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