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A Type Layer Chicken Equipment In Sudan

A Type Layer Chicken Equipment In Sudan

SHANDONG HUIMIN QINLE HUSBANDRY MACHINERY Co., Ltd. has a long history of producing mechanical products, strong technical force, stable product quality.The company upholds the enterprise concept of "plasticizing excellent products and creating excellent services", and serves customers with advanced technology and solid product quality, which is deeply trusted by users. In recent years, with the rapid development of animal husbandry and aquaculture in China, the requirements of users for feed processing equipment are also increasing. In line with the tenet of "scientific and technological forerunner, excellent equipment, perfect technology and considerate service", the company keeps pushing through the old and bringing forth the new, and applies advanced equipment and production technology to feed processing.
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1. Product introduction

 The cage body is made of GALFAN galvanized aluminium iron wire. Its corrosion resistance is 3-4 times that of common galvanized wire. The feeding system adopts sowing or back bucket feeder. The feeding control is uniform, the failure rate is low, and the performance is reliable. The traction dung cleaner can be used in 2-3 rows of chicken cages. The width of scraper depends on the size of dung trench. The width of standard dung trench of three-layer equipment is 1800 mm, and that of four-layer equipment. The width of the standard dung ditch is 2100 mm, and the polypropylene (PP) plastic belt can also be manufactured according to the user's needs.


2. Product specification


tiers and doors

cell size (mm)

unit size(mm)

Birds Qty











3. Product feature and application

Stepped chicken farming equipment is simple in structure and low in cost. It has the characteristics of automatic feeding, automatic drinking water, automatic excrement clearance and automatic environmental control. Hot dipping zinc process is used for skeleton materials.Perfect details of equipment and reasonable height of cage door are conducive to the prevention of chicken epidemic and avoid the problem of stuck chickens.

4. Production details

1) Cage material is high strength and high elasticity bridge special steel wire Q235, hot galvanized after cold drawing, to ensure that chickens can live comfortably in the cage and improve egg production rate.


2) The trough is made of white plastic steel. Resin powder and stone powder are mixed in high proportion. It has good elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life.


3) Manure cleaning system adopt scraper type manure cleaning method,scraper produced by 2.5mm steel and then adopt hot galvanizing process.It will use more years than the traditional process.


5. Deliver,shipping and serving

1) Deliver time:20-45days

2) Port:Qingdao or you reserved port

3) Serving:


6. FAQ

Q:Are you a production enterprise or a foreign trade enterprise?

A:We have been producing cages since 1985. With the continuous renewal of chicken raising technology, cages have also been renewed, which has improved the number and efficiency of farming.

Q:We are going to cage 20,000 layers. Can we make a plan?

A:We need to provide you with a reasonable breeding plan according to your requirements for cages. We will also note the specific configuration of the equipment for you.

Q:What services can you offer us?

A:We have excellent design team and professional technicians to guarantee the production of high quality products.We can provide installation guidance and equipment guidance service to ensure that you can use the equipment properly.

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