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Automatic Layer Chicken Equipment In West Asia

Automatic Layer Chicken Equipment In West Asia

The product concept of SHANDONG HUIMIN QINLE HUSBANDRY MACHINERY CO., LTD. is to listen to their voices, cherish their lives, care for their healthy growth, create a comfortable, healthy and safe living environment for chickens, so that farmers can breed chickens easily and happily.It is our final goal of produce more useful cages.
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1. Product introduction

Our company has been producing laying hen farming equipment since 1985. With the increasing demand of farmers for the quantity and automation of farming equipment, our ladder equipment is in the leading position in the industry.


2. Product specification


tiers and doors

cell size (mm)

unit size(mm)

Birds Qty











3. Product feature and application

There are many kinds of equipment, so the configuration can be flexibly chosen. The products with different configurations can be selected according to different requirements.The design is simple and easy to install and maintain.

4. Production details

1) The angle design of egg net in cage is reasonable, and the angle design is 6 degrees, which can reduce the breakage rate of eggs to the greatest extent.


2) The trough is a white plastic steel trough, which is made by mixing resin and stone powder in a ratio of 1:2. It has good toughness and strength, and is 3-5 times longer than the life of the common trough. It saves a lot of money for the long-term chicken raising of farmers.


3) The cage can be equipped with an automatic egg picker with a reasonable angle of the egg net. Each row of eggs is transferred to the central egg collecting system through a high-quality egg picking belt, and then all the eggs in the chicken house are transferred to the egg bank.


5. Deliver,shipping and serving

1) Deliver time:20-45 days

2) Port:Qingdao or you want port

3) Serving:


6. FAQ

Q:Can you provide us with chicken house drawings?

A:We have professional chicken house designers to provide you with detailed drawings of chicken house according to the size of your chicken house and the number of chickens raised. If there are any questions or questions, we can communicate further.

Q:Can your equipment be customized?

A:Our cages have many sizes for you to choose from. They should be able to meet your needs. Our complete set of fully automated equipment is matched design, with high cost performance and long service life.

Q:Where is your company address?

A:Our company is located in QINGZI road 315,HUIMIN,SHANDONG province,CHINA.We're going to meet you at the chicken farm. You just need to tell us the exact time.




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