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Laying Hens Equipment

Equipped With Equipment For Laying Hens

Equipped With Equipment For Laying Hens

Our company has been producing egg cages since 1985. For 30 years, we have been updating the size of egg cages to provide customers with the best quality and intimate products.
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1. Product introduction

Automated whole set of laying hen farming equipment, equipped with automatic feeding machine, automatic egg picker and automatic dung equipment, greatly reduced the labor force, saved a lot of money and time.


2. Product specification


tiers and doors

cell size (mm)

unit size(mm)

Birds Qty











3. Product feature and application

The main part of the cage is composed of bottom net, top net, partition net, cage door, water line and material trough. Each unit has one water dispenser (the number can be increased according to customer's requirements). The use of high-quality water regulator ensures that each water dispenser can provide normal water supply. The height of the water line can be adjusted automatically to meet the needs of chickens at different production stages. Hot-dip galvanized cage mesh is used in the cage mesh part of the whole set of equipment to increase the corrosion resistance of the cage mesh and improve the service life of the cage mesh. Matching machine and material trough are all made of aluminium-zinc-coated steel plate. The cage frame is made of U-shaped steel products and egg cage technology, which greatly improves the service life of cage equipment. At the same time, the use of cage equipment effectively improves the utilization of land and enlarges the scale of farming.

4. Production details

1) Egg-picking equipment is a chicken house used for laying hens. Its main function is to collect and arrange the eggs produced by laying hens to a place, which is convenient for farmers to handle and pack. It replaces the time-consuming and laborious manual egg-picking in the past and improves the working efficiency. It can also be adjusted according to the need to avoid the damage to eggs. The egg-picking machine produced by QINLE has a device for protecting eggs. Reduce the rate of broken eggs and improve economic efficiency.


2) Artificial feeding time is long and the amount of feed per chicken is not well controlled manually, which can easily lead to waste of feed and poor uniformity of chicken flock growth. Automated feeder can realize the automatic feeding of chicken house, and the feeding quantity can be set to ensure that each chicken can eat the same feed evenly, regularly and quantitatively, convenient and fast, which greatly improves the efficiency of chicken feeding.


3) The traditional manual dung cleaning method is time-consuming and laborious, and the ammonia concentration in chicken house is high, which can easily cause respiratory diseases and bacterial diseases of chickens. The conveyor belt dung cleaning method can transport the dung out of chicken house in time, which reduces ammonia pollution and enables chickens to obtain a better growth environment.


5. Deliver,shipping and serving

1) deliver time:20-45 days

2) Port:Qingdao

3) Serving:You can contact us before you build the chicken house. Our technical designer will provide you with a detailed chicken house drawing.Our professional after-sales personnel can provide you with comprehensive installation guidance services and instructions for the use of equipment.If there are any other problems in the process of using the equipment, please contact our customer service staff.

6. FAQ

Q:Can you provide us with samples of equipment?

A:We will provide you with suitable samples according to your requirements for your reference.

Q:Can you provide us with a chicken house with 20,000 chickens?

A:According to the size of the chicken house, we will make a set of cost-effective equipment for you.

Q:Do you have chicken manure treatment equipment?

A:Our aerobic fermented chicken manure and dry toilet manure treatment equipment is to mix manure with fermentation bacteria, reflux materials and biomass in a certain proportion, use the activity of microorganisms to decompose and mature the organic matter in the manure, convert the material into organic fertilizer raw material, and use it to make organic fertilizer, and ultimately realize the resource utilization of manure.

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