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Laying Hens Equipment

Ladder Type Layer Chicken Equipment

Ladder Type Layer Chicken Equipment

With the development of laying hen industry, laying hens have changed from horizontal farming mode to cage farming mode, which saves land area, increases the number of farming and saves a lot of labor.
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1. Product introduction

This egg cage is 42 cm deep.Each cell can hold 4 layer chickens,each cage can hold 20 layer chickens,one set can hold 120 chickens.This cage is very popular with customers both at home and abroad.Our company's egg cage has good elasticity, low rate of broken eggs, reasonable cage and cage net design, which provides a comfortable living environment for chickens and will not stuck chickens.


2.Product specification


tiers and doors

cell size (mm)

unit size(mm)

Birds Qty











3.Product feature and application

1)Encryption of cage grids and bottom grids can effectively prevent chickens from pecking feathers and pecking anus, reduce the rate of broken eggs and the fatigue syndrome of laying hens.

2)The products are cold galvanized and hot galvanized, with long service life, Q235 national standard wire, high elasticity and not easy to bend.

3)Unique cage door design, large cage door space, chicken feeding position can be arbitrarily changed, effectively solve the mutual crowding of chickens feeding, to ensure that chickens feed more evenly.

4.Production details

1)Hot-dip galvanizing process is adopted for egg cage, which is acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant and long service life.


2)The trough is made of resin and stone powder in a ratio of 1:2, which ensures that the trough has better toughness and strength and longer service life than ordinary plastic trough.


3)The nipple is made of stainless steel, 360 degree drinking water supply, no leakage, no drip, saving a lot of water.


5.Deliver,shipping and serving

1)Deliver time:20-45 days

2)Port:Qingdao or your reserved port

3)Serving:We have professional technicians to design cages. With the development of egg cages and customers' suggestions, we constantly update our products to provide customers with the most advanced and cost-effective products.We also have professional installation instructors to provide you with on-site equipment installation guidance and equipment commissioning work. We also have professional after-sales service personnel to solve your problems.


Q:Can you install the equipment directly for us?

A:Due to the high cost of installation on site, we usually send two technicians to provide you with equipment guidance and installation services.

Q:Can the size of your cage be changed according to our requirements?

A:We have many kinds of cages of different sizes. You can choose the appropriate size according to the size of the chicken house and the amount of breeding.

Q:We used to breed laying hens in bulk on land, but now we want to use cage farming because of the increase in the amount of farming. Can you give us any good advice?

A:We can give you some suggestions based on more than 30 years of cage production experience and 20 years of chicken breeding experience.

Q:We have a hot climate here. The size of your cage is relatively small. Can you make large cages for us?

A:The cage size is designed according to the European standard chicken area, you can provide us with a reasonable size, we design and customize a reasonable cage for you according to the size.

Q:What is your environmental controller configuration?

A:Our controller includes temperature sensor, humidity sensor, pressure module, isolation transformer, power protector, short message alarm.

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