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Laying Hens Equipment

Laying Hens Equipment Produced By QINLE

Laying Hens Equipment Produced By QINLE

QINLE A type chicken cage system is special designed for medium-sized farm or chicken farm large-scale chicken farm, breeding egg laying chickens, the system adopt semi automatic technology, made of the high quality material, make sure the house could running for long time,it is good choice for modern farm construction, structure of the layer farm could come with the following items
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1. Product introduction

A type cage frame and mesh system could be customized which is base on client’s special house construction requirements, suitable for any country with different environmental condition.It is welcomed design for customers.


2. Product specification


tiers and doors

cell size(mm)

unit size(mm)

Birds Qty











3. Product feature and application


1)Wire material tensile strength reaches 490MPa, elongation reach 23%, permanently high hardness and high elasticity, not easy to get deformation after long-term usage

2)Smooth surface, protect chickens getting hurt.

3)each solder joints keep uniform depth

4)Hot dip galvanized, thickness is five times that of traditional galvanized, rust-resistant and anti corrosion.

5)Vertical 90 ° Angular design, increase physical flexibility, reduce deformation, anti-fatigue, long service life

6)horizontal sliding open door, keep good looking of layers as protect the neck feather, big slope feeder reduce feed waste.

7)Egg tray is molded by a hydraulic press, low-medium mesh drum can effectively reduce sag, extend service time. High flexibility offer egg production, improve egg production. 

4.Production details

1)Chicken Cage Automatic Feeding system adopt advanced technology, could be used in A Tier Cage System and H Tier Cage System, compare with manual feeder, it could save much labor cost and time when running a layer farm. It include feed main feed conveying system, power driver, walking feeding line.


2)Best PP Water pipe, nipple drinker , water pressure regulator, water filter.


3) Use belt type manure cleaning system, clean thoroughly, keep high quality in the poultry house environment;Adopt horizontal and longitudinal manure cleaning system, poultry house has no left manure,air is keeping fresh, manure transfers to the dung carts directly .dung air drying system, cleaned dry and free of contaminants, granular, high economic value.


5.Deliver,shipping and serving

1)Deliver time:20-45days or according to your quantity

2)Port:Qingdao or your reserved port

3)Serving:Before you build chicken houses, we can provide you with free drawings.We have professional equipment installation personnel to provide installation guidance services in your local area, after the installation of equipment and provide 2-5 days of use training.We also have 24-hour online after-sales service.


Q:Are you a trading company or a cage manufacturer?

A:We are a manufacturer with about 30 years experience in egg cage production, and follow the development of the egg industry to constantly update cages, providing customers with better products.

Q:Can you design suitable size cages for us according to our local climate?

A:We will design reasonable size cages according to our cage size and your requirements.

Q:Can your price be lower?

A:We will give you an appropriate discount according to the amount of the order and the quanti

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