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The New Type Layer Chicken Equipment

The New Type Layer Chicken Equipment

China is the top egg producer in the egg list. Industrialization and planned production of laying hens have been greatly developed, but there is still a long way to go compared with advanced chicken production enterprises abroad. Layer production level is relatively low, planning, mechanization and automation level is relatively backward.Our company has been committed to developing the most advanced egg cage for customers to choose from.
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1. Product introduction

Layer cage is a popular form of raising layers at home and abroad. This is because the design and invention of the cage can provide a comfortable living environment for the chickens and make the chickens play a better role in the feeding process.


2.Product specification


tiers and doors

cell size (mm)

unit size(mm)

Birds Qty











3.Product feature and application

This cage can be used in A-type complete chicken farming equipment and simple H-type laying hen farming equipment. This cage can make full use of space and raise more chickens, thus saving a lot of money.

4. Production details

1) The unique design of cage door effectively prevents the occurrence of running chickens, and provides great convenience for customers to prevent chickens from epidemic and eliminate the sale of chickens.


2) The white plastic steel trough produced in our workshop is made of high proportion of resin powder and stone powder. It has high toughness, high strength and strong bearing capacity, which ensures its longer service life and reduces the investment of customers.


3) Cleaning system you can choose scraper type or belt type.The scraper adopts hot galvanizing process ensure the longer service time,and the belt manure cleaning system avoid the pollution for the chicken house.Whether you choose which kind,they can all help you.


4) This cage can be equipped with automatic egg picking equipment, each cage has egg bends, equipped with high-quality egg picking straps and egg strap brackets, to ensure that each row of eggs can safely fall on the eggshell, to ensure that the eggs will not be damaged.


5. Deliver,shipping and serving

1) deliver time:20-45 days or according to your quantity

2) Port:Qingdao or your reserved port

3) Serving:We have chicken house designers and cage designers to provide customers with comprehensive services according to the number of chickens and the size of the chicken house.We can go to the scene to provide you with installation guidance service and equipment use explanation service.

6. FAQ

Q:Can you give us a detailed quotation for the equipment?

A:We will provide you with a detailed quotation, including the price and configuration of each item. If you have any suggestions for the equipment, you can leave us a message.

Q:Can you provide us with a plan for the chicken farm?

A:We will plan the location, size, storehouse, office and dormitory of each chicken house.

Q:We plan to visit your galvanizing workshop and cage processing workshop. When is the most suitable time?

A:We look forward to your visit to our company. We will arrange the tour routes and accommodation for you.

Q:What is your feeder configuration?

A:The main frame of our locomotive feeder is made of 40mm*40mm and 40mm*60mm thick square tube. The main hopper is brushed with rust-proof paint on 1.2mm thick black steel plate, the auxiliary hopper is made of 0.8mm galvanized plate, the guide wheel is all solid cast iron, and the motor is made of a joint venture pendulum needle motor in Zhejiang Province.


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