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Our Staged Egg Chicken Cage

Our Staged Egg Chicken Cage

The front web design of chicken coop usually consists of vertical wire and a few horizontal wires. The cage space is 5 cm, and the cage door is usually 2-3 wires, connected to the front net, inward or open. Our hen cage, wire mesh diameter is excellent 3.0 mm high wire 235 hardness cold wire drawing, compared with the general small factory used 195 cold wire drawing hardness is much higher, after ten years and eight years of elasticity is still as new. At present, the chicken cages produced by small and medium-sized factories in the market use some inferior cold-drawn silk to reduce costs, but also invite you to buy chicken cages when you need to wipe your eyes.
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1.Product introduction

Each cage is 195 centimeters long, 35 centimeters wide, 41 centimeters high, and five cages. Each cage can be raised about 20 chickens using cold-drawn galvanizing system, zinc-plated fine, durable, and has a strong anti-corrosion function, the cage can be used to ensure normal ventilation for about 15 years.


2.Product specification


tiers and doors

cell size (mm)

unit size(mm)

Birds Qty











3.Product feature and application


1)The surface of the cage can be selected by cold galvanizing and hot dip galvanizing.

2) the cage structure is simple, easy to operate, durable.

3)Encryption of cage net and bottom net can effectively prevent chickens pecking feathers and pecking anus, reduce egg breaking rate and laying hen fatigue syndrome.

4)The front steel wire thickening structure is more stable, the structure is reasonable, and the energy consumption is low.

5)Unique horizontal door design, cage door space larger, chicken feeding position can be changed at will, effectively solve the chicken feeding when each other crowded, to ensure that the chicken feeding more uniform;

6)It can save feed, reduce the stress reaction of laying hens and the injury rate of chickens, save water and break eggs.

7)Good ventilation and day lighting, conducive to the growth of chickens, high density, small footprint, high degree of intensive, good economic benefits; suitable for all types of chicken farms (open, semi-open and closed)

4.Production details

1)Cage material


(1)Raw materials are made of high quality national standard Q-235 high-speed wire rod of Ji'nan iron and steel group.

(2) The tensile strength of wire material reaches 490 MPa and the product elongation reaches 23%. It effectively ensures that the steel wire keeps permanent high hardness and high elasticity, so that the product is not easy to deform in long-term use. Compared with other types of wire rod, the service life of the product is longer than three years.

(3)Adopting the international leading wire drawing equipment and wire drawing technology, the wire surface is smooth, no cracks, scratches and other harmful defects. After forming the cage mesh, it can effectively prevent chicken foot injury and prevent the occurrence of Staphylococcus caused by the infection of chicken foot caused by wire cracks.

(4) the introduction of automatic welding equipment, so that each solder joint depth of uniformity, to ensure the quality of each piece of products.

2)Belt manure cleaning machine


(1)It can effectively remove the excrement into the septic tank.

(2)The structure is simple, the failure rate is low, and the excrement is clean.

(3)Save time and effort, improve work efficiency.



(1)The outer frame adopts advanced automatic processing technology, specially thick hot galvanizing layer, and has extremely strong corrosion resistance.

(2)A new type of twisted stamping fan blade with reasonable blade shape angle can make the air flow rate reach the optimum level.

(3)The shutter is opened and closed by a unique opening and closing mechanism, which ensures that the shutter is completely opened and closed. The shutter can prevent rain, dust, foreign bodies and wind.

(4)Rear safety net is easy to disassemble, built-in and convenient to install.

5.Deliver,shipping and serving

1)Deliver time:20-45days


3)Serving:Our company can provide a complete set of breeding programs, according to your request to provide free detailed chicken house construction and breeding plan, sold products have a perfect after-sales system, integrity-based, conscience to do service.


Q: Are you the direct manufacturer or trading company?

A: We are the direct manufacturer for more than 45 years.

Q: Our weather is hot and moist ,the chicken cage is ok or not?
A: We have hot dipped galvanized and cold dipped galvanized,  electric galvanized chicken cage for hot weather market.

Q:What's the life span of your chicken cages?


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