Analysis of the reasons for the fluctuation of the price of broiler cages
Jul 31, 2018

Factors affecting the price fluctuations of broiler cages are:

First, the material: the general broiler cage is made of steel, the general price of steel will have a certain fluctuation, which is also a major reason affecting the price of broiler cages. When the price of steel is high, the price of chicken cages will rise. When steel prices fall, the price of chicken cages will also fall with the material.

Second, the artificial aspect: the production process of the broiler cage is more complicated, the labor costs used are more, the labor costs increase, and the price of the chicken cage will also rise.

Of course, there are many factors affecting the price of broiler cages. It is not only determined by the above two points. The price of chicken cages will also change with the demand and the market conditions of the chicken industry.

The broiler cage is to raise the chicken in a cage welded with wire. If you design different types of cages based on breed, gender and age, what are the benefits of raising chickens in broiler cages?

First, effectively use the chicken house space to save land resources

Second, improve the breeding environment of the chicken house and increase the survival rate

Third, reduce fecal pollution and increase the value of fecal convenience

Fourth, saving farming costs and increasing economic returns

V. Other advantages:

First, the energy consumption is reduced, the growth weight gain is fast, and the production cycle in which the broiler reaches the same weight is shortened.

Second, the broiler flocks raised in broiler cages grow evenly. After slaughtering, the carcasses are well-proportioned, with low residual rate and good quality.

Third, reducing water waste can reduce the amount of manure emissions and effectively alleviate serious pollution problems in farms.

Fourth, broiler cages can be automatically fed and automatically fed, so that no manual feeding is required, which can save a lot of cost.

Fifth, at the same time, the chicken cage is separate from the chicken manure, so that the chicken can be kept in a clean cage to ensure the health of the chicken.

Relatively speaking, if chickens are kept in chicken cages, the range of chicken activities is relatively small and consumes less. Of course, long meats will be faster. Therefore, broiler cages are a good choice, both in terms of cost and convenience.

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