Carbon monoxide poisoning in chickens
Dec 15, 2018

Prevention and treatment: Check the heating equipment in the brood room and chicken house regularly to prevent smoke leakage and pouring. Fans or ventilation holes and other ventilation and ventilation equipment should be installed in the building, and regular checks should be made to ensure good ventilation and ventilation in the room. When carbon monoxide poisoning is found in chickens, the door and window should be opened immediately for ventilation, or the sick chickens should be moved into fresh air and suitable temperature chicken houses. Water-soluble multivitamins and glucose can be added to drinking water. 20% mannitol, 25% sorbitol or 25% - 30% hypertonic glucose injection can be used for rapid intraperitoneal injection. Symptomatic treatment measures can also be taken: antibiotics for secondary infections, cardiotonic drugs for arrhythmia, excitatory respiratory drugs for respiratory paralysis, and electrolyte supplementation.What about the new type layer chicken equipment?

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