Correct and rational use of drugs to prevent chicken diseases
Dec 15, 2018

Standard dosage: If there is an epidemic in chicken flocks, appropriate dosage should be given in accordance with the requirements of the drug instructions when treating it. If the drug can not be used according to the requirements, natural medicine will not play its due role. If we blindly increase the use of drugs, we may get some effect when using drugs, but it will also cause greater harm to the body, at the same time, it will also increase the cost of medication in chickens. It will also cause serious adverse effects on chicken flocks, which must be paid attention to in production.

Pay attention to the preventive effect of drugs: in the process of chicken breeding, farmers should establish the awareness of disease prevention, always adhere to the management concept of "prevention is more important than treatment", and formulate feasible preventive medication procedures according to the actual situation of their own farm. Attaching importance to disease prevention in daily production can not only shorten the treatment period, but also reduce the cost of medication and reduce the economic losses of chicken farms.

Consider the interaction between drugs: when treating chickens, if the drugs can be matched reasonably, it will play a synergistic role between drugs. But we should also pay attention to the antagonism between different drugs. Blind use of drugs will cause harm to chickens, light people will cause ineffective use of drugs, serious chickens will be poisoned and death.

Pay attention to the active ingredients of drugs: chicken farm breeders should carefully check the active ingredients, content and effective period of drugs when purchasing drugs. We should not blindly pursue price concessions and neglect the treatment effect, delay the best treatment time of sick chickens, and even lead to other diseases. But it is not necessarily a high price drug that has a good effect, depending on the effective ingredients and content. Therefore, when choosing drugs, we should consider both price and effect in order to achieve a better therapeutic effect.

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