correct selection of disinfectant for livestock and poultry in spring
Oct 06, 2018

1, alkali mainly includes sodium hydroxide, quicklime and so on, generally has the higher disinfection effect, suitable for environmental disinfection, but has certain irritation and corrosiveness. The price is lower.

2. Oxidants are mainly realized by oxidation, but they are easily effected by temperature and light. The disinfection power is most affected by dirt. Including: hydrogen peroxide, Potassium Permanganate, hydrogen peroxide and so on.

3. Phenols can inhibit and kill most of the propagules of bacteria. Fungi and viruses are not sensitive to carbolic acid. The antiseptic power of para, meta and ortho formic acid is strong. The mixture is called three cresol. The bactericidal power of the product was 4 times higher than that of the other. Phenol disinfection ability is high, but it has certain toxicity, corrosiveness, pollute the environment, and the price is higher. Including: phenol, fish oil, cresol and so on.

4. Formaldehyde formaldehyde can be used to disinfect excreta, metal appliances, also can be used for the fumigation of railings, sterilization and toxin reduction. It is irritant and toxic. Long-term use can cause cancer, easily cause the death of skin epithelial cells and cause paralysis. The disinfection of formaldehyde is greatly affected by dirt, temperature and humidity. Including: formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, ethylene oxide and so on.

Through these methods, the environment of the henhouse is safer.Reduced the chance of disease in chickens.

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