Eight points for attention in laying period
Dec 25, 2018

Avoid surprises. The shock group and fried group will cause the stress reaction of laying hens, which will produce soft-skinned eggs and yellow-free eggs, and affect the laying rate.

Second, abstain from beak. Broken beak can be done at the age of 6 to 9 days in laying hens. Broken beak should be repaired or repaired during the breeding period for chickens who fail to break their beaks on time or whose beaks are too light and have new beaks. However, broken beaks should not be avoided during the laying period.

Three abstain from water. It has been shown that the laying rate can be reduced from 80% to 30% after 24 hours of water cut off during laying period, and it takes about one month to restore the laying rate to its original level. Therefore, adequate and clean drinking water must be guaranteed during laying period.

Fourth, avoid excessive changes in dietary formula. The dietary formulation of laying hens should be kept relatively stable during laying period. If the dietary formulation changes too frequently, the laying hens will not adapt to the stress reaction and affect the laying rate.

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Five taboos to adjust the chicken flock. The adjustment of chicken flocks should be planned before laying cages, not during laying period. Otherwise, owing to the factors such as catching chickens, transporting chickens and environmental changes, the laying rate will decrease significantly.

Six taboos about unstable temperature. Shelter temperature can affect the growth rate, egg production and feed utilization rate of chickens. Shelter temperature should be controlled at 10 - 27 C. If the shelter temperature is high or low, it will not only make chickens susceptible to disease, but also directly affect the laying rate.

7. Avoid vaccination. All vaccination should be carried out before laying period. If vaccinated during laying period, chickens will have a strong stress response, resulting in a decline in laying rate or even discontinuation of production.

8. taboos to inject medicine. Once disease occurs in laying hens, feedstuff or drinking water should be used to treat it. Do not take the method of catching chicken injection to treat it. Otherwise, stress reaction will occur in laying hens, which will affect the laying rate.

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