How to calculate the rate of laying eggs
Dec 29, 2018

There are two ways to calculate the laying rate. One is the daily laying rate of hens (also known as the laying rate of hens), the other is the number of laying hens (also known as the laying rate of henhouses). For example, one day 1000 hens were kept in caps and 600 eggs were laid, with a daily egg production rate of 62%. It is more complicated to calculate the amount and rate of laying eggs in a year or a month. Suppose you have a chicken. How many eggs do you lay in a year after you start laying? That's the annual egg production of the chicken. Raising a group of chickens in a year of laying period, a chicken is not dead and eliminated, as long as the number of chickens removed from the total annual egg production can be calculated the average annual egg production per chicken. However, in production practice, the death and elimination of chickens often occur. The number of eggs laid per chicken can be calculated from a group of chickens recorded individually in a self-closing ovipositor. It's not difficult. However, in group breeding without individual records, the method of calculating the total feeding day is used to calculate the average egg production. A hen's raising day is a raising day.Chicken battery layer chicken cage in Egypt  will be your best choice in the layer chicken field.

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