How to raise colorful pheasants
Dec 28, 2018

1. Crude protein

The crude protein content in the diet from 24 days to 28 days after hatching was 28-30% (8% higher than that of broiler diet). The age of 29-90 days was 25-20% (higher than that of broilers). After 90 days of age, it can be controlled at 15-20%, generally about 20%, which is good for improving the quality of the breeder and will not affect the laying rate and survival rate. If crude protein is less than 15%, the mortality rate will increase during laying period.

2. Amino acids

Generally speaking, the demand for amino acids in colorful pheasants is higher than that in chickens. Long-term addition of lysine 0.1%, methionine should also pay attention to the addition of 0.1-0.2%.

3. Crude Fat and Crude Fiber

The crude fat content should be 2-4% and the crude fiber content should be 3-3.5%, which is higher than that of chickens. Therefore, rice sugar or high energy of crude fiber should not be used in the feed. This is a little difficult to prepare metabolic energy 2900-3160 kcal/kg (because of the high protein requirement and high energy), so we should be careful when selecting a single ingredient.

4. Mineral Trace Elements and Multivariate Elements

The diet of Qicaishan chicken needs 1% calcium and 0.5% phosphorus. For adult breeds, 2.6-3% and 1% are suitable. For zinc and manganese, the content of manganese in feed is 0.0095% (0.95g per 10kg) and zinc in feed is 0.0065% (0.65g per 10kg). If the feather and sexual development are considered, the content of zinc (23% manganese sulfate, 38% manganese oxide and 52% zinc carbonate) can be increased appropriately (23% manganese sulfate, 38% manganese oxide and 52% zinc carbonate). Zinc oxide contains 48%. The addition of vitamin A, D, E, B1, B2 and choline is indispensable to the colorful pheasant, which still needs to be added according to the routine. Commonly used are vitamin ADE solution, probiotics E powder, compound B, choline chloride, etc.

In 2018,4 tiers layer chicken equipment in Philippines was sold near 10000 sets.

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