Layer culture trend
Dec 03, 2018

1. Medium-scale chicken farms will become the mainstream

The long-term "small-scale and large-group" feeding of the laying hen industry in China has made the control of epidemic disease in the production-intensive areas of laying hens the biggest factor affecting the development of the industry. Therefore, the single-farm high-density and large-scale laying hen feeding mode is no longer suitable for the current production situation of the industry in China, and the medium-scale chicken farms will become the mainstream.

2, intelligent farming

With the development of domestic equipment manufacturing industry and the introduction of farming equipment from all over the world into China in the past two years, the competition of farming equipment industry is becoming more and more fierce. The relative investment of farming equipment in the whole farming process is constantly decreasing, which makes the automated chicken house widely spread throughout the country. With the increase of labor cost and management cost, farmers are actively developing in the direction of moderate scale, standardization, automation and intellectualization. "Man manages machines, machine raises chickens" will become more and more common, and future intellectualization will inevitably become the choice of the industry.Therefore, in the next 5 to 10 years, we will not only strive for technology, but also have strong financial support.Chicken farming is changing from a rural sideline to an investment project for the "wealthy".

3, industrial integration

With the large-scale and modern development of China's laying industry, the integrated operation mode has gradually been accepted by the majority of chicken farmers.

Specialized management, from breeding - chicken breeding - feed - Science and Technology Services - brand eggs - eliminating chicken Industrial Park operation mode, is a good model to build a complete industrial chain.

4, with the ring belt Bureau

In the future, the boundaries of the obvious production and marketing areas will be weakened continuously, and the surrounding areas of the main marketing areas are the intensive areas of laying hen breeding.In addition, with the development of the localization of laying hens, the trend of laying hens going south is obvious.In recent years, Guangdong Sihai, Pengchang, Santianxian, Poplar, Guangshengyuan and other enterprises have made great efforts, and Guangxi Qianji poultry industry has also launched 5 million projects. The southern market is gradually meeting the needs of the southern market, and the laying hens are moving south irreversibly.Due to the large amount of land needed for laying hen farming, the eastern coastal areas are more stringent in land management and control, especially the state stipulates that the farming enterprises must pass the strict conditions of EIA. Layer farming enterprises in eastern coastal areas are transferring to less developed areas in the west.

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