Layers and matters needing attention
Nov 14, 2018

When entering the chick, separate the strength of the chick, that is, put the weak chick or individual small weight on the upper layer of the brood cage with high temperature, strong body, and clear calls on the lower and middle layer. If the whole body is weak, the room temperature can be adjusted to 1~2 degrees below normal. At the same time, pay attention to ventilation and ventilation, and maintain a certain degree of humidity. In order to attain the standard of body weight in brooding period, feed nutrition can be properly increased (i.e., metabolic energy is not less than 11.98 MJ/kg, crude protein is not less than 20%) and high nutrition brooding can be carried out. If it grows well within 4 weeks of age, it can be fed according to normal nutritional standards. At the age of 5 weeks, all the villus can be replaced by feathers except for a few weak ones. At the age of 6 weeks, the sampling tests generally met the standard or exceeded the standard.

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