Management of external environment of the chicken house
Jan 24, 2019

1. in the daily management process, farmers must pay attention to the cleaning work outside the chicken house, to ensure that there is no garbage, weeds, debris, feathers, dead chickens, feces and other debris outside the house, and to reduce the existence of bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms in the chicken house.

2. For the road of chicken farm, farmers should also pay attention to cleaning work. Conditional farmers can disinfect once a day with quaternary ammonium salt disinfectant. For local farmers within 5 meters around the chicken house, they should also disinfect every week. It is suggested that farmers should spray disinfection with 3% caustic soda solution. One kilogram of prepared disinfectant solution is used for each square metre of ground.

3. There will be a lot of excrement in chicken flocks every day. Farmers should not only pay attention to the cleaning of excrement in the chicken house, but also pay attention to the disposal methods after the excrement is cleaned out outside the chicken house. It is suggested that farmers dig the excrement pond near the chicken house, which is generally 7 cubic meters per 1000 chickens. The construction location of the excrement pond should be chosen in the downwind direction beyond 30 meters from the chicken house. Every day, the scavenged feces are put into the pond, which is covered with plastic cloth to prevent the feces from spreading and to facilitate fermentation.

4. If there are more chicken farms around the chicken houses, we should pay more attention to the spread of disease and do all the preventive work well. In order to control cross-infection, we should prevent the chickens from hanging around each other, and prevent the flocks of other chicken houses from approaching the chicken houses and people from moving, so as to do a good job of household isolation.

The above four points are the key points of the management of the outside environment of the chicken house described by the cage manufacturer Dajia Machinery for the breeders, which is only for the reference of the breeders. In addition, Dajia Machinery suggests that the breeders can refer to the article "Chicken cage manufacturer talks about the purification of harmful gases in the chicken house" to understand the purification points of harmful gases in the chicken house, ensure the inside and outside environment of the chicken house, and provide a comfortable growth Environment.

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