Management of laying hens after laying
Nov 03, 2018

The laying hens are weighed regularly every month, and the feed quantity is adjusted according to the change of the laying hen's weight. The influence of season and other factors should also be taken into account when feeding the laying hens. When raising and managing chickens, we must carefully observe the flocks and timely select the laying hens with diseases. If we find out the symptoms such as poor mental state, white or purple crown, unable to stand and walk, we need to eliminate them immediately to prevent death in the cage. In order to keep the laying peak longer, avoid the negative balance of the laying hens, and reduce the body weight extremely, the chickens began to shed hair very early. If such a situation occurs, it is necessary to adjust the nutrient composition of feed to prevent premature decline, and to strengthen the feeding management at the later stage of laying, so as to prevent the reduction of laying time.

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