Management of laying hens in the early stage
Oct 24, 2018

1.There are three physical changes in laying hens as they enter the laying season: the rapid growth of egg weight, the rapid growth of egg production efficiency and the rapid increase of body weight. In order to make the feed reasonably, the energy should reach 11.84 Mcoke/kg and the crude protein should reach 17.5%+5%. It is necessary to adopt palatable raw materials to improve the feed intake and reduce the amount of miscellaneous meals such as cottonseed meal and rapeseed meal in feeding. In order to increase energy, it is necessary to add 2% to 3% high-energy protein or high-energy fat to the feed. The purpose of adding 1% to 2% cod liver oil to the feed is to make the intestine of laying hens absorb vitamins better and improve the quality of eggshell.

2.Sudden death is easy to occur in laying hens when they lay eggs at the beginning. The rate of laying eggs reaches 20%~60% which is the most common, and the daily mortality rate reaches 10% in summer. Therefore, drugs should be added to drinking water or feed to prevent sudden death during the first egg production. Feed replacement during the first laying of laying hens is easy to cause intestinal disorders, resulting in poor digestion and absorption. Therefore, in the feed to add treatment and prevention of enteritis drugs, improve the digestion and absorption of layers. Layers can be healthy and stable to reach the peak laying period, but also can maintain a long peak laying period, to increase egg production.

3.During the first laying period, the nutrients that layers get can not meet the needs of the layers themselves, so the laying hens will use the energy stored in the body, resulting in a large consumption of laying hens become thin. There will be no rush hour or peak time when laying eggs. If a large number of laying hens in chicken farms are poor in health and weak in resistance to various diseases, then laying hens are easy to get sick at the beginning of laying eggs. Therefore, to solve these problems, breeders need to strengthen management, reduce all kinds of stress, to layers with full-price feed, high-energy protein fat or high-energy fat in the feed to strengthen the physical fitness of layers.

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