Matters attention in chicken drinking water immunity
Nov 10, 2018

One,A vaccine that is suitable for drinking water.

Newcastle disease vaccine (HB) is suitable for drinking water immunization. Strain, Lasota strain, Newcastle disease of chicken, live bi-vaccine of transmitted branch, live vaccine of infectious bursal disease of chicken and live vaccine of avian encephalomyelitis, etc.

Two,Factors affecting the success of drinking water immunization

1 stop drinking time

In order to get the most effective vaccination, it is necessary to make the chickens feel thirsty at the right level. Before drinking water immunization, chickens should be restricted to drink water: when the room temperature is 30-330C, water should be stopped for 1-2 hours; if the room temperature is 25. 12 or so, J should be suspended from 3 to 4D.

2 duration of vaccination

It is generally required to dilute the mixed vaccine solution at 2 / IX. Too short time will make some chickens not drink enough vaccine, and too long time will reduce the viral activity of the vaccine, thus affecting the immune effect.

3 preparation of vaccine solution

The amount of vaccine solution prepared is related to the Et age of chicken and the ambient temperature of henhouse.

The water for preparing the vaccine should not contain any substances (such as metal ions and disinfectant ingredients) harmful to the activity of the vaccine. It is advisable to use deep well water or cold boiled water without pollution.

4 mixing of vaccines

Not all vaccines can be mixed. Vaccines that have not been proven to be safe for mixed use should not be mixed, nor should antibiotics and other drugs be added.

5 health of chickens

When the health of chickens is not good, transfer or other stress factors exist, please suspend live vaccine immunization, otherwise it will cause immunization failure, or even become a trigger leading to chickens disease.

Three, preparation and use of vaccines

(1) For three days before and after immunization with drinking water, all medicines influencing vaccine should be stopped in feed and drinking water, but a proper amount of multi-vitamins can be added to drinking water.

(2) Vaccine dosage: 1-1.5 times of the marked dose for imported vaccines and 2-3 times of the marked dose for domestic vaccines.

(3) Drinking utensils should be cleaned, and metal drinking utensils should not be used. The number of drinking utensils should be increased appropriately when immunizing.

(4) if the drinking water is immunized, 0.3% skimmed milk powder can be added to protect the virus activity of the vaccine.

(5) properly stop feeding for 1 hours before and after taking the vaccine.

(6) when the drinking water is immunized, the chickens should be chill 2~3 times to facilitate the chickens to drink enough immune doses.

Four, management after immunization

(1) do meticulous feeding and management during immunization. We must not think that the vaccine is finished.

(2) appropriate supplement. Some vitamins and other nutrients that are beneficial to the body.

(3) Reduce the occurrence of environmental stress factors, such as: heat and cold, crowding, humidity, poor ventilation, excessive concentration of harmful gases and other adverse factors. If necessary, some anti stress drugs can be added to drinking water.

(4) guard against the infection of some pathogenic microorganisms, so as to facilitate the body to produce antibodies successfully.

(5) strengthening surveillance after immunization and supplementing it when necessary.

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