Matters needing attention for laying hens
Oct 18, 2018

1. best choice for cage age

In order to ensure that the weight of young laying hens can reach the standard without affecting their laying and laying, laying hens are usually caged at the age of 13-18 weeks (not later than 20 weeks). When the flock is growing well, they can be grouped and packed in batches at the age of 60 days for easy management.

2. overhaul of facilities and equipment

Layers do not generally change their living environment after caged, so before caged eggs should be strictly overhauled the corresponding facilities or equipment, equipment without maintenance value should be replaced in time, in order to prevent the use or use of the process can not meet the corresponding functional requirements.

3. prevent the increase in incidence.

Laying hens in cages often suffer from decreased immunity and increased morbidity due to improper operation or temperature difference. Therefore, cages should be installed at night. Meanwhile, methods such as raising temperature, improving nutrition and drug prevention should be adopted to prevent the increase of morbidity.

4. prevention and control of parasites

In order to save labor intensity and improve the control effect of parasitic diseases, the laying hens were fed with the corresponding amount of insecticides at the age of 60 days and 120 days respectively.

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