Measures for laying more eggs in summer
Nov 28, 2018

Temperature has a great influence on laying rate of laying hens. The optimum temperature for laying hens is 18-25 C. When the temperature exceeds 28 C, the appetite of laying hens decreases, and the amount of laying eggs decreases. Therefore, in order for layers to lay more eggs in summer, the temperature of the henhouse must be controlled below 28 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is too high, the following measures can be taken:

1. set up insulation layer. Foam plastic insulation layer is installed under the roof of the egg house.

2. green. Planting grass and trees around the chicken house to shade the ground, setting up shading net on the top net of the chicken house stadium, planting luffa, grapes, vines and other vines outside the field.

3. reflect sunlight. White the walls and top of the chicken house with white paint or 6% lime milk.

4. strengthen ventilation. Open doors and windows, floor windows and exhaust fans for ventilation.

5. Reduce the feeding density of laying hens (1-2 hens per meter 2) and reduce the total indoor heat production.

6. Roof spray cooling method. When the temperature exceeds 30 C, the water pump sprays cold water and well water on the roof of the chicken house.

7. water curtain cooling. Conditionally, air intake and water curtain are set at the front door of the closed chicken house, air outlet is set at the back door, and high-power exhaust fan is used. When ventilating, the windows on both sides should be closed to prevent the hot air from flowing into the room. The indoor temperature can be reduced by 3 to 5 degrees Celsius.

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