Points for attention of chicken feed mixing
Jan 31, 2019

1. Regulating drug use: When selecting drug additives for mixing materials, breeders must pay attention to abiding by the industry standards of Veterinary Drug Administration Regulations and Feed and Feed Additives Administration Regulations. When mixing materials, they should comply with the Veterinary Drug Species and Use Regulations Allowed to Be Used as Drug Feed Additives. They should pay attention to the use of prohibited drugs to avoid affecting the health of chickens.

2. Targeted: When feeding chickens, breeders must be targeted. They should not blindly administer drugs. They should formulate reasonable dosing plans according to the epidemic characteristics of local diseases and the actual situation of chicken houses, and select drugs with better prevention and control effects to effectively control the occurrence of diseases.

3. Basis: In the specific use of drugs, farmers should pay attention to the different breeds of chickens, age and growth stage for the basis of the mixing of medicines, for some chickens and chickens with relatively weak physique, should choose drugs with low sensitivity and toxicity.

Fourth, the dosage of medicines should be accurate: farmers should first determine whether they want to prevent or treat diseases by mixing medicines, and determine the dosage according to individual differences of chickens. Generally speaking, preventive medicines need only half or even a quarter of the medicines used for treatment.

5. Attention to the authenticity of medicines: Now many manufacturers will fake the quality and composition of medicines for their own benefit. Farmers may not only use them ineffectively but also affect the health of chickens. Therefore, when choosing medicines, farmers must conscientiously distinguish between the authenticity and falsity, and do not buy medicines without trademarks. Manufacturers also have approved numbers.

6. Drug mixing should be mixed with feed: the proportion of general mixing drugs is relatively small for chickens, so it is difficult to mix them evenly. In order to make drugs and ideas mix evenly as far as possible and prevent chickens from overeating and poisoning caused by uneven feeding, breeders should mix drugs with a small amount of feed first, and then mix the rest of the feed. Just mix well.

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