Points for rearing broilers in late cages
Feb 09, 2019

1. Implementing scientific feeding management: Scientific and rational feeding management is the key to breeding healthy broilers. Such work as drinking water, feeding, ventilation, lighting, feeding density, clustering, fecal cleaning and so on should be carried out scientifically and reasonably.

2. Adjust feed formula in time: Feed for broilers should be prepared according to different growth stages or choose reasonable feed formula. In the broiler fattening period, broilers should pay attention to not only the rapid growth of broilers, but also the ability to deposit fat. Therefore, during the fattening period, farmers should pay attention to timely adjust feed to meet the later fattening feed. Formula to meet the nutritional needs of broilers in order to achieve rapid weight gain purposes.

3. Choosing or preparing high-quality feed: Farmers should pay attention to the quality of feed in addition to the nutritional components of feed, and provide high-quality feed when choosing or preparing, which is an important material guarantee for realizing rapid weight gain and fattening of broilers. The so-called high-quality feed should have three conditions: 1. perfect nutrition, that is, high energy, high protein, rich vitamins and minerals; 2. appropriate protein-energy ratio, which can not only fully meet nutritional needs, but also significantly improve feed conversion rate; 3. attention should be paid to two points in the formulation of late feed: first, to improve the nutritional concentration of energy in feed. Because energy feed plays a major role in fattening, it is necessary to increase the proportion of energy feed, preferably adding 3% oil, while reducing the proportion of bran and other feed rich in crude fiber (the more crude fiber content, the lower energy value of feed). The second is to feed powder feed instead of pellet feed. Pellet feed can ensure comprehensive nutrition, reduce feed waste and shorten feeding time, so feeding pellet feed can significantly accelerate the fattening effect and speed up the fattening of broilers in later period.

4. Strengthen hygiene management and provide comfortable living environment: The environment and comfort of chicken house are related to the healthy growth of broilers. Therefore, in the later stage of broiler breeding, if farmers want to do a good job of hygiene inside and outside the house and provide a good living environment, they can greatly reduce the occurrence of various diseases and ensure the growth and development of chickens and increase their weight. At the same time, the comfortable living environment can also make chickens maintain a strong appetite, increase the feed intake of chickens. Do a Good Job in Environmental Control

5. Intention to do a good job in chicken epidemic prevention: to ensure the health and quality of broilers, we must ensure the health of broilers, so farmers must do a good job in disease prevention. The main measures are: first, to strictly implement the sanitation and disinfection system; second, to develop a scientific immune program; third, to rationally use drugs to control the occurrence of coccidiosis and other diseases.

Chicken battery cage will be the better choice in the chicken raising field.

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