Precautions for installing broiler cage negative pressure fan
Jul 31, 2018

The broiler cage fan is a good helper for the ventilation of the chicken house. Especially for the caged chicken house in the cage mode, the fan is an important ventilation device. The negative pressure fan is a common fan type of the chicken house, and the negative pressure fan. Installation is a very important project. It has a great impact on the future use of negative pressure fans. It must be paid attention to throughout the installation process. The broiler cage manufacturer will tell you about the precautions for installing a negative pressure fan.

When installing a negative pressure fan, the wall on the side of the fan must be sealed. In particular, there must be no gaps around the fan. The most ideal way to install a negative pressure fan is to close the wall and nearby doors and windows of the fan, and open the doors and windows of the wall opposite the fan to ensure that the airflow flows in a straight line.

First, before installation:

1. Before installing the negative pressure fan, carefully check whether the negative pressure fan is intact, whether the fastener bolts are loose or falling off, and whether the impeller has a collision hood. Carefully check whether the fan blade or louver is damaged during transportation.

2. When installing and selecting the air outlet environment, it should be noted that there should not be too many obstacles in the 2.5-3M opposite the air outlet.

Second, when installing:

1. Smooth installation: When installing the negative pressure fan, pay attention to the horizontal position of the fan, and adjust the water to the surface of the negative pressure fan and the foundation to be stable. The motor must not be tilted after installation.

2. When installing the negative pressure fan, the adjustment bolt of the motor should be in the position of convenient operation. Adjust the belt tightness for ease of use.

3. When installing the negative pressure fan bracket, it is necessary to make the water between the bracket and the foundation plane stable, and if necessary, install the angle iron next to the negative pressure fan for reinforcement.

4. After the negative pressure fan is installed, check the surrounding sealability. If there is a gap, it can be sealed with a sun plate or glass glue.

Third, after installation:

1. After the installation is completed, check whether there are any leftover tools and debris inside the negative pressure fan. Use the hand or lever to move the fan blade to check if it is too tight or rubbing, and if there is no abnormality in the items that hinder the rotation, the test operation can be carried out.

2. If there is a negative pressure fan vibration or abnormal sound or other abnormal phenomenon of the motor during operation, it should be stopped for inspection, and then restarted after use.

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