Precautions for poultry drinking water system
Nov 07, 2018

1. The appropriate vaccine should be selected for drinking water immunization.

Not all vaccines are suitable for drinking water immunization, such as oil emulsion inactivated vaccine for egg drop syndrome, chicken pox glycerin vaccine, chicken infectious bursal disease inactivated vaccine, etc. If we use this method to immunize vaccines that are unsuitable for drinking water immunization, it will only lead to immunization failure. The vaccine suitable for drinking water immunization is a highly effective live attenuated vaccine, such as Newcastle disease attenuated vaccine, avian cholera attenuated vaccine, chicken infectious bursal disease attenuated vaccine, chicken infectious bronchitis attenuated vaccine and so on. In order to ensure the quality of drinking water, vaccines for poor quality, overdue and improper storage should be strictly prohibited.Our Chicken Nipple Drinking is the best in China.

2.The appropriate concentration and appropriate water consumption should be grasped for the diluted vaccine.

Immunization with drinking water, dilution preparation of vaccine can be used in deep well water or cold boiled water. Drinking water should not contain any substances that inactivate the vaccine, such as chlorine, zinc, copper, iron plasma. In addition, drinking water containers should be kept clean, there should be no residues of chemical substances such as disinfectants and detergents, and drinking water containers should not be metal containers and can be used. Porcelain and non-toxic plastic containers. The dosage of vaccine should be 2-3 times higher than that of other ways. The dosage of diluted vaccine should be determined according to the size of poultry. The dosage of water should be as follows: 1-2 weeks old, 8-10 ml each, 3-4 weeks old, 15-20 ml each, 5-6 weeks old, 20-30 ml each. Up to 7~8 weeks old, 30~40 milliliters per, 9~10 weeks old, 40~50 milliliters per. Diluted vaccine should be poured into water after bottle opening. In order to effectively protect the efficacy of vaccine, 0.2%-0.5% skimmed milk powder can be added to the vaccine dilution solution. In addition, the prepared vaccine diluent should not be placed in direct sunlight. If poultry are immunized with drinking water in hot season, it should avoid high temperature as far as possible.

3. Drinking water should be controlled before and after drinking water and other drugs should be avoided.

Poultry before immunization with drinking water should stop water supply 3-5 hours in advance. The specific time of water shutdown can be flexibly controlled. Generally, in hot summer and autumn season or when poultry feeds dry food, the time of water shutdown should be shorter. In cold winter and spring season or when poultry feeds wet food, the time of water shutdown should be longer to make poultry in hot summer and autumn season. There is a certain thirst before drinking water, so that poultry can finish drinking the vaccine diluent in half an hour. In order to ensure that the poultry body fully absorbs drugs after drinking, the water should also be suspended for 1~2 hours after drinking. In addition, disinfectants and antibiotics should not be used in feed and drinking water of poultry within 24 hours before and after drinking water immunization in order to prevent immune failure or interfere with immunity.

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