Prevention and cure of broiler ascites in Spring
Nov 09, 2018

1. symptoms. The main manifestations of diseased chickens are depression, loss of appetite or abandonment, drooping wings, loose feathers, stubborn neck, white or cyanosis, and diarrhea in some broilers. In severe broilers, the skin is reddish and breathing quicker, but the body temperature is normal.


2. prevention and treatment.

(1) Clean up the excrement and bedding in time, reduce the concentration of harmful gases and dust content in the air, and keep the air fresh, oxygen sufficient and temperature appropriate.

(2) Choose high-quality feed to ensure that the nutrition of the feed is balanced in an all-round way, do not feed mouldy and deteriorating feed, and correctly use additives, drugs and disinfectants to prevent broilers from chronic poisoning and damage the liver and kidney and other organs.

(3) Appropriate restriction of feeding, shortening the time of illumination, controlling the growth rate of Broilers and lightening the burden on the heart of broilers are also effective measures to prevent sudden death of broilers.

3. treatment. It can be treated with Chinese herbal medicine. Each 100 broilers can use Yunling, Mutong, Cheqianzi, Bupleurum chinense and tangerine peel 50-100 grams, morning glory, mulberry white peel and Cinnamon Twig 20-50 grams respectively. The broilers can be fed with boiled water and taken 1-2 times a day for 2-3 days. Those with milder illness can improve or recover.

The main reasons for this disease come from three aspects:

Hereditary aspect: At present, the process of broiler genetic breeding focuses on growth, so that the development of heart and lung and the growth of body weight in broiler chickens have congenital imbalance, that is, the normal function of heart can not fully meet the needs of body metabolism, leading to relative hypoxia.

Management: Broiler chickens need higher temperature, usually in order to keep warm and close doors and windows or reduce the number of ventilation, air circulation is not smooth, insufficient ventilation, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia and other harmful gases and dust accumulate in the chicken house, air pollution, oxygen content decline, resulting in relative anoxia; In the fast growing period, the metabolic rate increases and the oxygen demand increases, which aggravates the degree of hypoxia. In the case of hypoxia, the respiratory rate is accelerated, the pulmonary function is damaged, and the capillaries are thickened, resulting in vascular stenosis, increased pulmonary vascular pressure, and increased burden on the heart, resulting in hypertrophy of the right heart, thinness of the wall, blockage of blood flow and heart failure, which further increases the blood pressure of the liver and other organs, leading to lower blood pressure of the abdominal vessels. The blood flow is blocked and the peritoneal cavity is infiltrated into the peritoneal cavity to form ascites.

Nutrition: high energy diet increases the oxygen consumption of broilers. Relative hypoxia is caused by excessive energy consumption and increased oxygen demand; excessive or deficient nutrition is caused by high fat addition, and excessive NaCl content in feed will aggravate the occurrence of the disease.


1. Hypoxia is an important cause of ascites syndrome in broilers. The relationship between heat preservation and ventilation should be solved to ensure adequate oxygen supply. Reasonable use of ventilation pipes, regular forced ventilation to ensure fresh air; regular cleaning of feces and environmental disinfection, reduce the content of harmful gases.

2. Studies have shown that vitamin C can reduce the mortality rate of broilers caused by ascites induced by high concentration of NaCl. The addition of 500 g/t of vitamin C in drinking water can effectively alleviate the death caused by ascites.

3. The fundamental reason of ascites in broilers is that the development of cardiopulmonary system can not keep up with the growth rate of broilers. In addition, there are unreasonable circumstances in the actual environment and different deficiencies in the diet. The liver degenerates gradually, resulting in the decline of the ability of the liver to synthesize collagen, resulting in extravasation of body fluids, and ultimately leading to intrapericardial and body defects. Endonephrosis.


It is important to protect the health of the hepatobiliary system in the process of broiler breeding. Endogenous bile acids can promote the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, enhance the ability of liver to synthesize collagen, and solve the problem of ascites in broiler chickens at the root. Adding endogenous bile acid can promote the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, enhance the ability of liver to synthesize collagen, and solve the problem of ascites in broiler chickens from the root.

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