Raise chickens and get rich
Nov 21, 2018

Yi Jia Qin used to be a famous poor household in the village. She originally had a happy family, but an accident eight years ago made her lose her beloved husband. The pillars of the family suddenly collapsed. Two sons and one daughter were young, and they lost their main source of income. Life suddenly fell into a difficult situation. Three years ago, with the help of the Happy Ecological Breeding Cooperative, Yijiaqin borrowed 50,000 yuan and built a medium-sized chicken farm. Since then, the whole family's life has gradually improved. Last year, a 240 square meters two-storey building was built, and poverty has been completely eliminated.

Shangcheng County Happy Ecological Breeding Co-operative in Yijiaqinkou was established in 2012. It is located in Balitan Village, Hefengqiao Township, covering 370 mu. It is a large-scale comprehensive chicken farm integrating hatching, brooding and breeding. The Breeding cage for hot-dip galvanizing produced by Shandong Poultry Le Animal Husbandry Machinery Co., Ltd. has increased the breeding density and hatched more than 60,000 chicken seedlings every month. At present, 27 large and medium-sized ecological chicken feeding farms and 7 brooding farms have been established in the towns of the county, providing 280,000 chickens a year, which has led to more than 700 poor households in 20 poverty-stricken villages of 19 towns in the county to increase their income.

"Cooperatives provide poor households with arrears to adopt high-quality chicken nurseries. In Balitan village alone, more than 100 poor households adopted more than 40,000 high-quality chicken nurseries in arrears last year, and the average income of able households increased by more than 3,000 yuan in that year." Hu Pengfei, chairman of the cooperative, said that the cooperative unified recovery into chickens, so that farmers sell "zero risk". Through free training and breeding technology, we have produced a large number of poor and demonstrative households with large scale and high efficiency. It also led poor households to work together through typical guides and demonstrations, and achieved the actual effect of "lighting a lamp and illuminating a large area".

"From 2017 to 2020, the cooperative plans to build 100 ecological farms in poverty-stricken villages in the county, raising 500,000 local chickens annually, with a net income of 10 million yuan, which will help 1000 poor households lift themselves out of poverty and increase their incomes, and make new contributions to poverty alleviation and fortification." Hu Pengfei is confident in his future development.

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