Reasons for easy recurrence of infectious diseases in flocks
Dec 15, 2018

Low level of treatment: most of the aquaculture practitioners have low quality, the grass-roots farms do not have the corresponding testing equipment, coupled with the current epidemic prevention system is still not perfect and other problems, which will lead to the clinical production of chicken disease diagnosis level is not high.

The concept of disease prevention and control is conservative: in order to pursue greater economic benefits, most chicken farms in China pay great attention to disease prevention and control of chicken flocks, but most of the breeders are not able to have very professional feeding knowledge, at the same time, there is no more advanced concept of disease prevention and control, so it is easy to cause the emphasis on immunization and disease prevention of chicken flocks in actual production. However, the importance of environmental conditions for improving the resistance of chickens and environmental sanitation and disinfection is often neglected. If there are serious problems in immunization and drug control during the clinical production process, it will result in immunization failure and serious drug residues. Therefore, it is necessary for the breeders to take correct and effective measures to control the occurrence and spread of the disease at an appropriate time.

Lagging of breeding concept: At present, many chicken farms attach great importance to the breeding of high-yield performance, but the breeding and screening of disease resistance are often not given enough attention, which leads to the weakening of disease resistance in chickens. As a result, many diseases transmitted through eggs are prevalent in chicken farms and spread in a wider range, resulting in more serious consequences and damaging the economic benefits of chicken breeders.A full set of layer chicken cage will help you getting more money and save lots of time.

Deviation of feeding environment conditions: In actual clinical production, if the environmental conditions of chicken farms are relatively poor, even if the chicken breeds with excellent feeding are selected and equipped with full-price feed supply, and reasonable immunization measures are implemented, it will not ensure that chickens play their due production level, but will lead to frequent diseases in chickens, resulting in corresponding losses.

Low level of feeding management: If the level of feeding management provided by chicken farm managers to chickens is not high, it will have a direct and obvious negative impact on the performance of chickens. At the same time, it will also have a corresponding impact on the resistance and disease resistance of chickens, resulting in the spread of epidemic diseases in chickens. In the rearing and management of chicken flocks, attention should be paid to immunization and drug use. First of all, we should choose the right vaccine and adopt the right way and time of vaccination to avoid the failure of vaccination. In addition, we should avoid the abuse of antibiotics, correct use of drugs, and use appropriate methods to use drugs for chickens. We should also pay attention to the interaction between drugs, so as to control the emergence and prevalence of epidemics in the most appropriate range in time, and avoid the occurrence of toxic diseases in chickens.

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