Reasons for laying down of laying hens
Oct 17, 2018

One. Laying-off factors, that is, if laying hens take a 5%-10% break from laying at the same time, egg production will suddenly drop: this is not a change in the health of the chickens or egg production potential, but a temporary increase in the number of laying hens on the break-off day,synchronization, resulting in a drop in egg production rate: in a very short period of time, the group will lay eggs It will return to its original level.

Two. Environmental factors

1. Sudden changes in light, if the intensity of light is weakened and the time is shortened, will cause laying hens to lay a sudden drop in egg production. Therefore, to keep the light intensity and time relatively stable in the henhouse, if the light time and intensity are to be shortened, it is necessary to gradually transit, so that the chickens have a process of adaptation.

2. hit by cold currents or heat waves. When the cold current or heat wave hits, the laying hen will suddenly drop. Therefore, in winter to enter the chicken house to close the door in time, the windows to nail plastic film; in summer to shade, prevent direct sunlight into the chicken, pay attention to do a good job of prevention.

Three, management factors

I. feed problem. Laying hens'egg production will suddenly drop after days of inadequate feeding or significant changes in dietary composition and quality. Therefore, laying hens should be fed with high-quality and full-price diet, and the amount should be adequate, avoid feeding mildewed diet.

2. insufficient drinking water: lack of water can cause egg production to stop. Therefore, to maintain normal water in the sink, and clean water, no smell.

3. external stimuli. Abnormal sounds and the presence of strangers and livestock may cause a sudden shock to the flock, resulting in a significant drop in egg production. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the adverse stimulation of nature to the flock: the side effects caused by immunity or insect repellent. It may also lead to a sudden drop in egg production in laying hens. Therefore, reasonable immunization and insect repellent methods should be selected and regular pre-treatment should be carried out. Vaccination and insect repellent.

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