Reasons for the failure of laying hens
Oct 14, 2018

1. Chicken breeds are not selected.

Variety is the primary condition to improve the economic benefits of chicken breeding. The quality of breed directly determines the egg production, feed consumption, feeding cycle and feed-meat ratio. Numerous experiments have shown that feeding good chickens can increase egg production by 10%? 30% and feed utilization by more than 10%? 15%.

2, the matching of feed is unreasonable.

Feed is the foundation of raising chickens and the key factor for the success or failure of raising chickens. Usually feed costs account for 70%? 80% of the cost of chicken, so how to choose, use and develop feed reasonably, improve feed returns, reduce feed consumption rate, to improve the economic benefits of chicken play a decisive role.

3, chicken disease prevention and control is not in place.

Chicken plague, caused by paramyxovirus, is an acute, highly contagious and highly destructive disease that mainly infects chickens and turkeys. The direct loss caused by an epidemic plague in winter is several hundred thousand yuan, and if the price of chicken is reduced by one yuan per kilogram, it is only one fifth of the loss caused by the epidemic.

4, chicken farm management is not scientific.

A well-managed chicken farm can save feed, avoid waste of feed, and maximize the amount of feed input into the egg production of chickens; a well-managed chicken farm, the occurrence of chicken plague less, not only can save the cost of vaccine procurement, but also can save the cost of conventional preventive medicine and treatment,our factory supply Egg battery cages  can reduce the intensity of management.

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