scientifically improving the utilization ratio of chicken feed
Oct 04, 2018
  1. Scientifically prepare feed. (1) The quality and palatability of raw materials should be paid attention to when choosing raw materials to prepare feed. For those raw materials with bad characteristics and palatability, such as blood meal, leather powder, feather powder, cotton meal (cake), rapeseed meal (cake), sesame cake, straw meal, dregs, etc., should be processed beforehand and the amount of their use in feed should be limited. (2) raw materials should be of good quality, and moldy and deteriorated materials should not be used as raw materials for formulated feed. We should also pay attention to selecting raw materials which are not contaminated by pesticides or other toxic or harmful substances. (3) We should pay attention to the diversification of feedstuffs and make up as many feedstuffs as possible, so as to give full play to the complementary role of nutrients between various feedstuffs, so as to ensure the improvement of nutrients, and to improve the digestibility of feed and the utilization rate of nutrients. (4) It is necessary to select suitable feedstuffs according to the digestive and physiological characteristics of all kinds of chickens, especially to control the content of crude fiber in the feed. The daily weight gain and feed utilization rate will decrease when the crude fiber content increases. The content of crude fiber should be no more than 5%.

  2. The processing and modulation of feed should be reasonable. The digestibility of feed is greatly affected by the method of feed preparation. Heat treatment, such as pelleting or extrusion, improves the utilization of nutrients and feed. Overprocessing will reduce the availability of nutrients and feed utilization. The heat treatment of soybean can destroy trypsin inhibitor and increase the utilization rate of feed.

  3. Adopt scientific feeding method. Different feeding methods have different feed utilization rates. Compared with dry-wet feeding and liquid feeding, the feed conversion rate was improved, but higher feed intake could increase carcass fat.

  4. Proper use of feed additives. In the production practice, using some enzyme preparation, probiotics, traditional Chinese medicine preparation can improve the feed utilization rate and production performance of chickens.

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