Selection of chicken farms
Oct 07, 2018

(1) look at the credibility of chicken farms. Field investigation was carried out to find out the feedback of chicken quality, egg production and service on the large-scale farmers (farms) who raised more than 2-3 batches of chickens in a certain chicken farm, so as to know the chickens in the target farm.

(2) look at the location of chicken farms. Choose from the village, chemical plants, slaughterhouses, breeding farms far away, in line with the national requirements for biosafety, epidemic prevention, pollution control, with livestock and poultry production and operation permits, animal health certification of the formal breeding chicken farm.

(3) look at the size of chicken farms. It is difficult to provide commercial chickens of the same age and batch for chicken farms with too small scale. The large-scale breeding farms will incubate eggs of different ages, resulting in different egg sources, irregular antibody levels, but also easy to bring a variety of pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, when the breeding scale is large, one-time into too many chickens, we should consider the size of the breeding farm, otherwise the breeding benefits will be limited by the breeding farm.

(4) look at the breeding archives of chicken farms. The Introduction Certificate of the regular breeding farm and the daily management of each batch of breeding chickens will have a very complete and clear record. The management standard of the breeding farm can be roughly evaluated by consulting the breeding archives.

(5) look at the distance between a chicken farm and its own chicken farm. Under the premise of ensuring the safe distance of the chicken farm, the shorter the transportation time, the better, to ensure that the chickens arrived on the same day, otherwise long-distance transportation will increase the difficulty of feeding.

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