six ways to reduce chicken death
Oct 05, 2018

1. Strict disinfection and prevention of infection: Formalin fumigation and disinfection of hatchery, brooding room, eggs and various utensils can prevent chickens from infecting Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus.

2. Drug prevention: pullorum and coccidiosis are the main causes of chick death. Adding 0.2% oxytetracycline to the diet before 3 weeks of age is very effective to prevent white diarrhea, and adding chlorophenylguanidine to the diet after 15 days of age can prevent coccidiosis.

3. Sugar water: Within 15 hours after hatching, let the chickens drink 8% sucrose water, can reduce the mortality of chickens by 50%.

4. Adjust density, prevent extrusion: indoor large-scale breeding, should be as the chickens gradually grow up and adjust the density of chickens, prevent chickens stacked extrusion.

5. Careful management, balanced nutrition: do not put the feed and pesticides together; do not feed moldy feed; do a good job of indoor ventilation and ventilation. During the brooding season, the full price balanced feed is provided to avoid nutritional imbalance or malnutrition.

6. Take strict care to prevent enemies: dogs and cats are strictly forbidden to steal chickens. Plug rat holes to prevent rats from harming.

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