Suitable Time For Laying Hens Hive Off
Nov 14, 2018

According to the development characteristics of chicken body weight, combined with immunization and swarm switching, the chickens were grouped three times at 4, 8 and 12-16 weeks of age. At the age of 4 weeks, chickens less than 10% of the average body weight were selected and fed with high nutrition broilers until they reached the standard body weight. For overweight chickens, the reserve feed should be replaced in time or the feeding times and quantity should be reduced. Choline chloride can also be added to the feed at 500 g per ton until the body weight meets the standard. At the age of eighth weeks and 12 weeks of age, second, third groups were clustered in the same way. Attention should be paid to the fact that chickens of weak and low weight are generally fed to the age of 10 weeks, not more than 12 weeks at the latest, and multivitamins can be added appropriately.

Layers raised in cages have greatly increased their production. Customers should be cautious when choosing chicken cages. The material and design of cages should be reasonable.QINLE High-end Layer Poultry Egg Cage adopt the newest technique,the cage material is Q235.

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