Symptoms of decreased egg production in laying hens
Dec 11, 2018

1. The intake, spirit and excrement of large groups were normal (the crown was purple in the morning and returned to normal at noon), the color and quality of eggshells were normal, and the laying rate decreased by about 20%.

2. At the beginning, some chickens flick their noses and have nasal juice (thin and transparent as water). After 1-2 days, the situation of runny nose increased, and some chickens snore. At this time, the intake began to decline, the rate of laying eggs declined rapidly, the color of eggshells became lighter, the quality of eggshells became thinner, and the weight of eggs became lighter.

3. Feed intake and mental health of chickens were normal. Suddenly, the number of wilting chickens appeared. With the development of the disease, the number of wilting chickens gradually increased. The laying rate decreased by 20%-30%. The quality of eggshells became thinner and the color of eggshells became lighter. Anatomy is often accompanied by yolk peritonitis.

4. During the day, the chickens'intake is normal and their spirits are normal. At night, they can hear respiratory tract sounds and pull sounds at the beginning, then grunt (mostly near the entrance), feed intake decreases, egg production rate decreases, and the duration can reach about a week. The quality of eggshell is poor, soft-skinned eggs and sandy-skinned eggs appear.

5. The feed intake and spirit of chickens are normal. They lay less eggs in the morning and more eggs in the afternoon (more in the morning and less in the afternoon). The color of eggshells becomes lighter individually. There are soft shells and sand peels.

6. The feed intake and spirit of the chickens were normal, but the sudden decrease in egg production rate was not significant, but the range was wavy, and the eggshell color was normal.

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