Techniques for laying hens in captivity
Oct 22, 2018

1.Fifth day old chickens die out basically stereotype, but reduce chickens die out need three elements, high-quality chicken seedlings, suitable temperature and humidity, high-quality mouth medicine.

2. 35 days of age for life: on the 35th day of laying hens, it is necessary to select poor-constitution groups of chickens to be fed separately and supplemented with good nutrition. At this time, both degree and weight determine the late laying rate, egg size, peak time, the number of eliminated chickens and so on. Suggested scheme: the weak chickens selected were raised separately, and when the difference was large, they could be supplemented with light to promote food intake. Attachment: laying hens added more light after 70 days of age did not affect egg production.

3. 80-day-old high-yielding: laying hens at 80-day-old is the time when the ovaries and fallopian tubes begin to develop, at this time the most susceptible to infection rods, Salmonella and other bacteria, resulting in poor oviduct and ovarian development and late tubal inflammation stubborn, resulting in late peak period is not high, poor egg shell quality, salpingitis Disease is not suitable to eliminate and many other phenomena.

4. Attention should be paid when laying egg rate is 5%. At this time, chickens are prone to endocrine disorders, spleen and stomach disorders, such as feces scattered untypical, feeding slowly, low resistance and so on. And this is the period of high-speed follicular development and tubal formation, it is necessary to regulate the spleen and stomach and endocrine, as well as supplementary nutrition and increase the body's resistance.

5. the egg production rate of 50% should be noted: at this time most chickens have been laid, tubal stress is relatively large, prone to tubal inflammation and pecking anus phenomenon. Follicle development is relatively rapid, the need for more nutrients and liver and kidney load is greater, at this time the body's resistance is low, so chickens should be anti-inflammatory, regulate fallopian tubes and increase resistance and supplement balanced nutrition.

6. Attention should be paid to the egg laying rate of 90%. At this time, the egg laying rate officially peaked, but 10% of the hens did not lay eggs. In order to make the hens lay eggs to achieve greater egg laying performance, we need to do three things: 1. Using traditional Chinese medicine to promote oviduct development and promote follicle development. 2, eliminate fallopian tube inflammation. 3, supplementary nutrition increases body resistance.

7. Attention should be paid when the laying rate drops to 85%. When the laying rate drops to 85% under normal conditions, the storage in the body begins to be insufficient. This is also the time when the tissues and organs of the body begin to aging and the digestion and absorption function drops. Therefore, if we do not pay attention to this situation, the rate of egg production will drop quite rapidly.

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