The advantage of laminated egg cage maintenance equipment
Oct 03, 2018

1. Compared with the stepped cage system, it covers a small area and has many layers, generally four layers, up to 10 layers.

2, stacked egg cages can get more feeding area, improve egg laying rate and benefit.

3, convenient maintenance and repair, can control the cage system according to the prompts step.

4, egg automatic conveying system can improve the cleaning rate of eggs.

5, convenient disinfection, easy control of coccidiosis and other parasitic diseases and worm infection;

6, the automatic drinking water system can ensure the water pressure in the nipple is equal, and ensure the drinking water of the laying hens.

7. The design of the edge of the lengthening trough can reduce the waste of feed and increase the effective conversion rate of feed.

8, the ventilation effect is better, to ensure that the hens in the cage system will not suffocate because of the high temperature.

9. Cooperating with the dung belt can ensure the cleanliness of the cage system, reduce the growth of pathogens, and reduce the disease rate and mortality of laying hens.

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