The problems of layer breeding
Jan 10, 2019

1) The environment of chicken farms should be improved, such as disabled, sick and dead chickens, random placement in chicken farms, or random feeding of dogs. This phenomenon often occurs in chicken farmers, which causes pollution to the environment of chicken farms and becomes the source of transmission of chicken diseases.

2) Full-in and full-out system should be implemented. Layer farming should be on a large scale. Full-in refers to raising chickens of the same age in the same henhouse, while all chickens in the same henhouse are sold or eliminated in the same period. This system is conducive to the implementation of feeding management and technical measures, facilitate the thorough cleaning and disinfection of chicken houses and equipment, so that each batch of chickens have a "clean start". Avoid cross infection.

3) The construction of chicken farm should be considerate, including heat preservation, heat insulation, ventilation, lighting and other issues, as well as the surrounding environment.

4) a lot of chicken farmers have run into family zoos, raising chickens, raising ducks, raising goose and raising minks. Fox, pig and cattle always think that if the market is not good, other quotations are good, and they can compensate each other. This way, we can not just keep good laying hens, but also increase the difficulty of epidemic prevention.

5) The introduction of chicken seedlings depends only on the price but not on the quality of chickens. Or do not understand the blind introduction of new varieties. It is not clear whether the market is in demand or not.

6) Promoting the early start of production of chickens, when the price of eggs is high, we hope that chickens will lay eggs earlier than the starting age, and the body condition of the chickens is not up to the standard, so we are anxious to expedite production, raise the feeding standards and add light to urge the chickens to lay eggs earlier, which is tantamount to "killing the chickens and fetching eggs". Because the chicken's body condition is not up to the standard, the rate of laying eggs rises slowly, the weight of eggs is light, and the eggs are small. The peak period of laying eggs is not long, and some even have no peak period of laying eggs.

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