The quality of broiler cages is a key factor in economic efficiency
Jul 31, 2018

There are many manufacturers of broiler cages in China, but only a few manufacturers can make the chicken cages smooth and bright. Most of the production techniques are not good, the surface is rough, the thorns are hard, and it is difficult for the chickens to grow healthily. The security rate is also greatly reduced.

Broiler cages are divided into brooding cages, breeding cages, egg cages, and chicken cages. The scales of chicken cages are similar everywhere. The method of use is basically the same. Using chicken cages to raise chickens can reduce the amount of chicken movement and reduce the energy consumption of chickens. Easy to raise, manage, prevent and disinfect. Reasonable use of chicken cages to raise chickens can reduce the labor intensity of breeders, reduce feeding costs, and increase the economic benefits of raising chickens.

The use of broiler cages first reduces the incidence of disease. The broiler does not come into contact with the feces, which is beneficial to control the occurrence of coccidiosis and intestinal diseases, and the chicken feces leak under the chicken cage, which can be cleaned in time to reduce the harmful gas content in the house, and use fan ventilation to reduce the chance of epidemics; Because the chickens are kept out of the ground in the cage, it is conducive to air circulation and provides suitable environmental conditions for the broilers. Secondly, the cost of epidemic prevention is reduced, and the physical consumption of broilers is reduced. Broiler cages limit the activity of broilers and reduce energy consumption, achieving the same weight shortening the production cycle and reducing feed consumption. The number of broiler chickens per unit volume has been greatly increased.

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