ways to raise chickens with high profits
Dec 02, 2018


Garlic is rich in protein, sugar, phosphorus and vitamin A. Allicin is widely used as feed additive because of its stomach-strengthening, insecticidal, cough-relieving and insect-repellent effects. A large number of experimental studies have shown that adding 3%~5% garlic residue to chicken feed can significantly improve the survival rate of chickens and increase the egg production of laying hens. Adding 10% garlic residue to chicken feed for 3 days can effectively treat coccidiosis and enterobiasis. The sick chickens with white dysentery can be fed with garlic paste, and the sick chickens can be cured after 5 days.

Artemisia argyi powder

Mugwort leaves are rich in protein, fat, amino acids, minerals and chlorophyll, which can promote the growth of chickens, improve feed utilization, and enhance disease prevention and resistance of poultry. Daily feeding can add 2%~2.5% argyrophyll powder in the feed, on the one hand, it can reduce the cost of breeding and also play a role in weight gain. Long-term addition can increase disease resistance of chickens.

Pine needle powder

Pine needles are rich in nutrients, including 17 kinds of amino acids, multi-vitamins, trace elements, growth-promoting hormones and so on. Long-term addition of 5% pine needle powder to chicken feed can save half of the vitamins for poultry. Adding 13% pine needle powder to the feed during laying period can deepen the yolk color and increase the survival rate of Broilers by 7%.

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