Ways to reduce egg breakage
Dec 04, 2018

Before laying hens, good breeds should be selected. In addition, according to the nutritional needs of laying hens at different stages, adequate nutrition should be provided to ensure that the proportion of protein, energy, minerals and vitamins in feed is reasonable, especially the content and proportion of calcium and phosphorus in the diet. The amount of calcium and phosphorus should be determined by the physiological stage of laying hens. In general, when the calcium content is 3.2%-3.5%, the laying rate reaches 70%-80%, it can be increased to 3.6%-3.7%, and the peak period of laying can be increased to 4%. In addition, it is very important to ensure the content of vitamin I in the diet in order to promote the absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus, and to improve the quality of eggshells.


Strengthen the daily management of laying hens, install cages reasonably, and design of cages requires scientific and reasonable, so as to avoid the damage of eggs caused by unreasonable cages. In the process of laying hens breeding, stress reaction should be avoided as far as possible to prevent abnormal peristalsis of oviduct and early egg production, so as to keep the environment of the henhouse quiet. Act as lightly as possible in your daily work. Reasonable arrangement of the number of eggs picked up every day can increase the number of eggs picked up appropriately, can significantly reduce the phenomenon of collision between eggs and pecking eggs, play an effective role in reducing the rate of breakage, when picking up eggs, we should pay attention to light picking, light action.


Strengthen the management of aquaculture environment, especially to do a good job of summer heat prevention and cooling. Chicken houses should be equipped with cooling facilities and ventilation equipment. Effective measures should be taken to reduce the temperature in high temperature season. Baking soda or vitamin C can be added to the drinking water or feed of laying hens to prevent heatstroke. Reasonable illumination should be given to the chickens, the feeding density of the chickens should be adjusted, the concentration of harmful gases in the house should be reduced, and the comfort degree of the chickens should be improved.


To improve the disease resistance of chicken flocks, we should do a good job in preventing diseases of chicken flocks, strengthen daily management and feed reasonably. The culture environment is regularly disinfected to kill pathogenic microorganisms. Do a good job of vaccination against related diseases, and timely treatment should be carried out if chickens are found to be sick.

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