What are the risks of the laying hens
Jan 08, 2019

2. What are the risks of laying hens?

The risk of laying hen breeding can be divided into market risk and breeding risk.

Market risk is the annual market price. Most of the farming friends hope that their chickens can catch up with the good price. If you depend on the good price to raise chickens to make money, can you still get along with it? Can the price be controlled by people? Everyone is equal before the price. I have been engaged in laying hen farming and poultry disease diagnosis and treatment for more than 25 years. I haven't met a farming friend who lost money because of the price in any year. So no matter how big the market risk is, it can't be controlled any more. Every year, laying hens are not losing money because of the price of their breeding friends! uuuuuuuu Therefore, compared with other industries, the market risk of laying hen farming is the most stable!

What about the risk of farming? Looking back at the 10-year history of chicken farming, which farming friend has not eliminated chicken flocks because of avian influenza? Which farming friend hasn't suffered a heavy loss from a drastic reduction in egg production? How many people are distressed by the lack of peak season for the whole batch of laying hens? Any industry has the same origin but different benefits reflected in the vivid and vivid breeding, some friends because of the flu annually successive elimination of chicken flocks, couples with headache crying scene is more vivid! So the biggest risk of laying hen farming is the farming risk!

3. What are the risks of farming?

1. Risk of no peak egg laying:

Because of infectious diseases such as reproductive transmission, Mycoplasma synovialis, highly toxic recessive Newcastle disease, mild avian influenza and so on, how many chickens of breeding friends do not have the peak of laying eggs? If you have been raising chickens for more than 10 years, how many batches of chickens have not reached the peak of laying eggs? Have you calculated how much you lost without the peak laying? Let me help you to figure it out. It'll frighten you a lot! uuuuuuuuuuu If your breeding scale is 10,000 chickens, according to the production performance index of the breed, you should produce up to 1200 kg of eggs. If our chickens produce 1% less, that is 1% of 1200 kg, or 12 kg of eggs, which is 12 kg less per day. If we calculate the egg-laying cycle of 150-500 days, that is 12 kg multiplied by 350 days, which is equal to 4200 kg of eggs. Our average price is 3.5 kg. By calculation, it is 14700 yuan, or about 1.5 yuan less income per chicken per 1% less laying rate. What if we lay 10% less eggs?

Some friends said that I can sell the laying hens to reduce losses. If the laying rate is 10%, you need to remove about 10% of the low-yield chickens. It usually takes 200 days to get rid of them. How much does a chicken lose? Generally, raising to the age of 120 requires investment of about 30 yuan, and there are 80 days to the age of 200. If the daily intake of 0.2 kg is calculated, each chicken should eat about 16 kg of feed, and also eat about 18 yuan of input. How much will it cost to kick out and sell? That is to say, each chicken is about 10-15 yuan, and one chicken loses about 25 yuan. If 10,000 chickens lay 10% less eggs, even excluding non-laying chickens, laying eggs can not reach the desired value. Conservative estimates also need to lose about 25,000-30,000! Do you agree with what I said?

2. Loss of egg production during peak period:

The declining age of laying eggs in the peak period is generally between 150 and 250. Because of feed nutrition, the law of antibody growth and decline, laying stress and other reasons, it is easy to have the problem of declining laying eggs in this stage. Even some breeding friends can not recover from the decline of laying eggs to below 30%, resulting in serious losses. Especially the decline of laying eggs caused by avian influenza, and the loss of death can not be estimated! uuuuuuuuu If the original egg-laying rate is above 95%, the peak disease egg-laying rate drops to about 30%, and the egg-laying rate is generally difficult to recover to more than 80%, our friends will suffer a lot of losses. Even if 10,000 chicken flocks are selected and eliminated, the loss of these chickens will be between 2000 and 25,000, even far exceeding this value! The only way out is to try starvation therapy to restore laying eggs!

3. The loss of H7N9 in chicken elimination:

As long as friends who have raised chickens for more than 10 years have not experienced the elimination of H7N9 flocks, the changes of national avian influenza vaccine immunization from Re-1, Re-4, Re-5, Re-6 and Re-7 are the blood and tears history of our chicken friends. Behind every change of vaccine strain is the cost of blood paid by our chicken friends! I feel very guilty every time I see a friend who has lost a lot because he did not follow the rules of farming technology. If we emphasize several times to let them raise chickens according to our "no bird flu chicken farming model" then we will avoid the economic losses of many friends! uuuuuuuuuu If 10000 laying hens of 200 days of age were forced to be eliminated, the price of each laying hen would not exceed 10 yuan, the loss of each chicken would be about 15 yuan, and the loss of 10 000 laying hens would be about 150,000 yuan. A friend of 10,000 laying hens of our hometown who raised chickens in the first year would lose 260,000 yuan at 200 days of age. The lesson is painful. Avian influenza incidence cycle is usually 2-3 years. We calculate the loss of 15 yuan per chicken. The average annual loss is 5-7.5 yuan per chicken. We can get away with the calculation by two rounds. The annual loss of avian influenza is also between 2.5-4 yuan per chicken! uuuuuuuuu

The total loss of the three items is about 10 yuan per year. That's why we don't make money when we watch chickens make money. So long as we defuse these three risks, why worry about not making money raising chickens?

Fourth, laying hen breeding risk reserve:

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