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An Economical And Practical Waterline Cleaning Method
Sep 25, 2018

The inside of the pipe is really dirty, especially after the medication, even if it is a new water line, it will be so dirty in a few months, many friends do not know how to clean, with a few years has never been cleaned, even more dirty than the video.

I teach you a cost-free method of cleaning the water line, the method is as follows: trim a slightly larger than the water pipe sponge ball, open the drain valve, from the water intake into the sponge ball, sponge ball along the pipe from the drainage outlet, sponge ball can be used repeatedly, once a month, the effect is better than cleaning the water line of the medicinal pipe.

I am a chicken. I often wash the water line like this.

Because the chicken farm uses well water, only a simple filtration, plus sometimes also to give some medicine, that water line pump flushing how to flush directly is not clean, every time as long as the water line is cut off, and then water there are many nipples do not water, because this, but also specially used the clutch line of the motorcycle to make a water pipe tool, the nipple The first one to unload the water pipes, the trouble is very, nipples have to be unloaded clean, every time a headache.

Later on the Internet to see the experience introduced by netizens, sponge shears than the inner diameter of the water pipe a little larger, and then into the water pipe, water pump directly to the water pipe, sponge from the other end out, the water pipe is clean.

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